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Learn How to Rock Multiple IP Addresses

One big question many senders have when setting up a new email server is, “How many IP addresses should I be using?” The answer you would expect: “It depends.” But depends on what? The answer is right here:

Advanced IP Segmentation and Allocation eBook

What's inside?

  • 1When should I separate out different kinds of email?
    We'll help you determine how many different kinds of mail you are sending—in other words, how many Mail Streams you have.  We'll cover what type of mail qualifies for it's own stream. And if you manage an ESP or an agency, we'll cover your options too. 

  • 2Should each kind of mail have its own reputation?
    In this guide we explain the different ways to separate email reputations, as well as the benefits of doing so.

  • 3Does volume have anything to do with it? 
    You bet it does! Too much or too little volume can get you in trouble with the ISPs and land your email right in the junk folder. Our guidelines ensure your email gets its best chance to land in the inbox.


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