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API Reference Index

Marketing Studio

GreenArrow Studio's API provides the ability to manage subscribers, mailing lists, custom fields, segmentation criteria, and suppression lists. It also allows you to fire off bulk subscriber imports and check on their status.

Instead of importing subscribers, using the Remote Lists feature GreenArrow Studio can connect to your remote database, run an SQL query, and get a custom subscriber list for each campaign. This can be scheduled through the API.

It's easy to schedule email campaigns and create automatically triggered autoresponders. Autoresponders can be triggered by API requests and can contain additional replacement data.

You can also retrieve email campaign statistics and autoresponder statistics, configure seed lists for deliverability testing and send preview emails.

Email Service Providers that deploy GreenArrow Studio for their users are able to manage customer accounts, manage user accounts, and get email volume and subscriber counts for billing.

You can programmatically customize emails using the Special Sending Rule feature, which is a hook that can be called for each email sent.

Web-hook notifications can be sent for clicks and opens, unsubscribes, bounces, spam complaints, and subscriber creation or update.


Email Delivery Engine

Powerful delivery control: Configure multiple IP Addresses for email delivery. Each IP can have its own throttling rules or you can organize for easier management by defining throttling rule templates. Automatically respond to changing delivery conditions with Dynamic Delivery throttle programs. Intelligently split mail over multiple IP addresses using VirtualMTAs, and hand email off to other SMTP servers with Relay Servers.

Sign email with DKIM keys and configure multiple signatures per message. Configure different classes of email that are to be treated differently.

Three ways to inject email:

  1. SMTP is not an API, but a protocol used to inject email. Create authorized users for SMTP sending, configure SMTP Services, and customize the delivery of emails by adding headers.
  2. Inject email with a REST HTTP API.
  3. Pipe email into a Linux command-line program.

Receive email at incoming email domains and mailboxes at those domains. Mailboxes can be configured to forward email or act as user mailboxes that deliver to a Maildir/Mbox file, deliver to a POP3 user, or pipe to a program for delivery.

Retrieve email campaign overview statistics and details on the delivery results of every recipient. Additionally, retrieve an embeddable HTML report that can be directly dropped into your website or application.

You can programmatically customize email delivery with a hook to override email delivery behavior.

Web-hook notifications can be sent for clicks and opens, unsubscribes, bounces, and spam complaints.

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