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Email Deliverability Experts Continue Expansion to Support Demand

Aug 6, 2014 1:54:56 PM

SCHNEIDER, IN--(Marketwire - August 06, 2013) - Digital marketing and communication continues to increase in importance which has companies of all sizes that engage in high volume email sending looking for a reputable and complete solution for getting their email messages successfully delivered to the designated user's inbox. There are many means available to send email messages, however when a company begins to send large numbers of emails on a consistent basis then the playing field changes and the company is forced to turn to email deliverability experts specialized in maximizing the successful delivery of transactional and marketing email messages.

Many of the available email delivery solutions are often expensive with sub-par customer support but GreenArrow by DRH Internet offers the most affordable and complete solution available. Coupled with their excellent customer service and their team of email deliverability experts, GreenArrow has been continually increasing in demand and has required the company to consistently add new members to their team to support their increasing popularity.

GreenArrow by DRH Internet is an expert email deliverability company that provides a robust and complete email delivery product suite that has continued to grow in popularity over the past decade. The company has continued to post record growth year over year and 2013 is continuing with this trend. The company recently hired a new Director of Operations and since then has added additional staff to assist in new client implementations due to the increased demand for their services.

Aside from offering users its web-based and easy-to-use email sending software, DRH Internet goes one step further and provides the option of fully personalized management of the client's email campaigns and specific email delivery issues. The company has been expanding its staff of experts to offer timely consulting on how to improve email deliverability and make the most of the GreenArrow product suite.

"Expanding is not just about getting bigger but also getting better," stated Jeff Anderson, Director of Operations at GreenArrow by DRH Internet. "For this reason we consistently look for ways to make GreenArrow the most complete and truly efficient email marketing software and deliverability application which not only can send over 1,000,000 messages per hour from a single server but also provides meaningful feedback to the client on aspects such as bounce statistics and complaint ratios. This feedback is crucial to improve email deliverability, which is the ultimate goal for our company and our clients.", added Mr. Anderson.

The company's recent expansion process is an extension of their aim for excellence and client satisfaction. By growing along with its number of clients, GreenArrow by DRH Internet ensures it will continue to be the best email delivery solution for those high volume email campaigns that depend on the success of their messages successfully reaching the designated user's inbox.

About DRH Internet
DRH Internet is the provider of the GreenArrow suite of email delivery software, monitoring, and consulting designed to maximize the success of high volume email sending of transactional and marketing messages. GreenArrow is a robust and complete email delivery solution that is affordable, easy to use, and backed by personalized and expert customer support. Visit www.drh.net or call 1-866-374-4678 for more information.

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