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Feature Highlight: Uncover ISP Insights with Dynamic Delivery Statistics

GreenArrow has a long history of providing important and valuable data about how your email campaign performs, and how to better reach and engage your audience. However, as useful as it is, the campaign-level data doesn’t tell us the whole story about important things happening deeper in the system. 

Jonathan Winters
By Jonathan Winters
on August 26, 2019

Feature Highlight: Manage Everything with GreenArrow’s Unified Configuration File

Our development team is continually working on improving GreenArrow and pushing out new features. But sometimes those features are so big and useful that we just have to take a moment to let you know about them!

Feature Highlight: Advanced Segmentation in GreenArrow Studio

GreenArrow Studio is full of features that make it easy to create and send emails, and then see how the email performed through GreenArrow’s stats and reporting tools. 

Managing Disk Space On Your On-Premises GreenArrow Installation

I have mentioned a few times in this series the importance of tracking disk space usage as part of your monitoring and regular system checks. But since disk space issues (specifically: running out of it) are some of the most common support requests I receive, I thought diving a bit deeper into a lesser-known -- but still incredibly useful -- tool that’s available to you in GreenArrow would be a great way to close out this series.

Three Server Management Tools You Hope You Never Need

In a perfect world, my job would rarely require emergency support for critical failures. These events cause downtime and expose real weaknesses in your disaster recovery plans, and that is something I would never wish on anyone.

Maintaining Your Email Server in 30 Minutes a Month

In our first blog post of the Managing GreenArrow series, we covered some of the essential management tasks for your On-Premise license. If you’ve had a chance to work through each of those, then you’re off to a solid start!

Six Essentials for Managing Your On-Premises Email Server

My name is Jonathan Winters, Lead Support Specialist here at GreenArrow.

Cloud or On-Premise: Which is Right for Your Email?

You say "Tomato," I say "Cloud Management"

Cloud Computing. I remember hearing this term everywhere in 2008 when I was racking and deploying dozens of servers in my datacenter job. One day I was “setting up racks of servers” and the next I was “building a cloud,” according to my product manager. Did we suddenly have the powers of Zeus? Would my day-to-day radically change? Um, no and not so much. Did I add, “Managing the Cloud” to my resume? Heck, yes.

It’s been seven years since I racked my last server and now I help customers get launched in our own, (wait for it), GreenArrow Cloud. These cloud-type buzzwords that were initially empty and meaningless to me now fill my every day. However, here at GreenArrow we also provide an On-Premise solution. Which leads to the number one question we get asked ("What’s the difference?") and then the number one follow-up question ("Which one is right for my email?") If you’re wondering too, then read on! I'll make it short and sweet.

Email Domains and Deliverability: How Setup Affects Your Sending

Hammering Out Which Domain To Use

When sending email, domains are a key part of how people remember and experience your brand. For example, if your company (named “ACME”) primarily sells anvils, you would be wise to include the words “acme” and “anvil” in the domain name that you send your emails from. Simple stuff, I know.

But what if your business sells multiple things or has multiple departments? What if you have multiple sub-domains to manage? And what if your company grows from a one-man consulting firm to a software team and needs to update the domain name it's been using? (Actually that's us, and we know it. Look for a domain name change in 2018.)

As you can see when it comes to domains, things can get complicated. But whether you’re getting launched on GreenArrow, or another email platform, or whether your biggest customer is Wile E. Coyote—we have some helpful tips below. (Because like the Roadrunner, GreenArrow is also known as Accelerati Incredibilus.)

SMTP Relay Service or Dedicated IP—Which is best?

In our digital age, reputation is key. 

If you’re like me you check and compare online reviews all the time. I check before visiting a new restaurant, choosing a new doctor or even when I’m buying a simple kitchen tool on Amazon. Chances are you've thought about how nice it might be to have access to the resources and reputation of a much bigger company. 

And in the world of email, you can do exactly that! SMTP relay services such as Amazon SES, SendGrid, Sparkpost or GreenArrow Cloud offer access to their reputation. These services can, therefore, be a very useful tool in your email sending toolbox, but they're not for everybody. Today’s post gives you the pros and cons of do-it-yourself vs. outsourcing your email.

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