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GreenArrow Recruiting Process

What to expect.

We're focused on creating fantastic software and delivering top-notch support. 
Written Exercise
We ask applicants to complete an exercise that is best accomplished when you have time to think it over, rather than off the top of your head in an interview. It gives you a chance to shine in a way a résumé cannot. It takes the typical candidate a few hours to complete. We have an emphasis on quality and are looking for a functionally correct response with good taste in code

Initial Interview

If we like what you have to say in your written exercise, we'll invite you to an initial interview or Culture Call. We'll get to know your personality, career ambitions, and what you look for in an employer. As a top candidate, we realize you are in demand and that you are also interviewing companies to find the right fit for you, so this is a great opportunity to learn more about GreenArrow, our culture, and how we operate. 

In-Depth Interview
The last step in our process is an in-depth interview where we make sure you have the practical skills necessary to succeed at GreenArrow. Each role has a different exercise: developers are asked to code up a little software module, while sales people are asked to role-play a sales call. You get the idea. There will also be lots of time during this step for you to ask questions and get to know several members of the team you'd be working with.