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Looking for an Alternative
Email Service Provider?

See how GreenArrow stacks up!

Pop quiz: What do Email Service Providers MailGun, AWeber, Constant Contact, Emma, and Amazon SES have in common? Answer: GreenArrow email software outperforms all of them!

But don't take our word for it—after all, data speaks louder than words.

 We crunched the data and put together a two-page, 24-point, side-by-side comparison showing you why GreenArrow is the most powerful, most flexible, and best overall choice when it comes to enterprise-level email delivery software. And the best part? We offer a flat monthly licensing fee—no matter how many emails, subscribers or mailing lists you have!

GreenArrow ESP Side By Side Comparison

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Our personalized technical support and robust features are just two of the reasons email marketers and ESP’s worldwide choose to grow their business with GreenArrow. What will your reason be? Learn more here:

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Five reasons to consider GreenArrow

  • A Superior MTA – Our customers have praised GreenArrow Engine as an efficient, fast, and feature-rich MTA.
  • Unmatched Customer Service and Support – Since 2003 our team of experts has been delivering personalized support services to help companies maximize their email success.
  • A More Affordable Solution – GreenArrow is often less in price than most of our competitors, yet provides a variety of additional features.
  • User Friendliness – Manage all aspects of your email sending activities including ISP throttle configurations, bounce handling, and reporting with GreenArrow’s easy-to-use web interface.
  • Full Product Suite – In addition to our powerful MTA, GreenArrow provides Studio, Monitoring, and Consulting products that can serve as the complete solution to all of your email sending problems.


Seven features our customers love

  • High speed & volume (4 million messages per hour from a single server)
  • Deliverability enhancing features
  • Bounce processing & click/open tracking
  • Easy integration
  • Powerful & detailed reporting
  • Transactional & marketing email
  • Automatically handles sign-ups, unsubscribes, and bounces

We’re confident GreenArrow is your best alternative to any other MTA. Contact us today and request a consultation or live demo.