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A recent study by Return Path indicates that on average 20% of permission email is delivered to the Bulk folder. If your high volume email sending software could improve your deliverability and get 20% more sales from your email marketing campaigns, how much could that be worth to your business?


Whether it’s an important revenue generating promotion, a cutting-edge marketing campaign, or simply a weekly newsletter, GreenArrow’s high volume email software has all the tools necessary to accomplish your mission effectively. From delivery success rate, to bounce rate, to reasons for ISP rejections, to recipient interaction with the message, GreenArrow is a total solutionRequest a consultation today. 


Optimize your results with these features:

  • High speed, when you need it
    (Up to 4 million messages per hour from a single server)


  • Deliverability enhancing features


  • Bounce processing & click/open tracking


  • Easy integration


  • Powerful & detailed reporting


  • Transactional & marketing email


  • Automatically handles sign-ups, unsubscribes, and bounces


  • WYSIWYG editor for email campaigns


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