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Jonathan Winters

Jonathan Winters

Have an email problem that needs solving or BBQ that needs smoking? Say hello to Jonathan Winters, System Administrator extraordinaire.

More About Jonathan

Jonathan has always been a bit of a renaissance man. His past professions include band director, cook, camp director, and barista (to name a few), and some of his favorite hobbies include banjo picking, kayak fishing, camping, and smoking (BBQ, not tobacco).

People are often surprised to hear that someone as outgoing and “outdoorsy” as Jonathan actually enjoys sitting in front of a computer screen all day. But the truth is, from a very young age Jonathan has really enjoyed learning (and teaching himself) about technology. It was this curiosity about how things work that eventually led this self-made computer geek to a career as a system administrator at DRH.

Underneath all of Jonathan’s various jobs and interests, there is one common thread: people. Whether through teaching students to read music, cooking for a crowd of 400, leading camp staff, or helping customers with their email software, Jonathan is driven by the joy of making someone’s day better by solving pesky problems. And of course, that joy is compounded exponentially by his wife Kelly and their daughter!


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