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Greenarrow Email Introduces Advanced, Flexible Feature

SCHNEIDER, IN – (October 20, 2015) – In response to the growing trend of email personalization as reported in Forbes, Inc: Trends to Watch For in 2015, GreenArrow Email Software by DRH Internet introduces newest feature, Special Sending Rules. Special Sending Rules provides an extraordinary amount of flexibility and, combines the best GreenArrow Engine has to offer by developing a tool for users to customize every message in a campaign. This feature was launched in Beta version earlier this year and is now released for general availability.

Nov 6, 2015 10:06:11 AM

Email Deliverability Experts Continue Expansion to Support Demand

SCHNEIDER, IN--(Marketwire - August 06, 2013) - Digital marketing and communication continues to increase in importance which has companies of all sizes that engage in high volume email sending looking for a reputable and complete solution for getting their email messages successfully delivered to the designated user's inbox. There are many means available to send email messages, however when a company begins to send large numbers of emails on a consistent basis then the playing field changes and the company is forced to turn to email deliverability experts specialized in maximizing the successful delivery of transactional and marketing email messages.

Email Software Provider, GreenArrow, Hires Director of Operations

SCHNEIDER, IN--(Marketwire - May 09, 2013) - DRH Internet has become one of the world's most popular email delivery software providers due to their powerful GreenArrow email marketing software. Since its inception over ten years ago, DRH has put together a sound team of professionals to continue offering great results to customers around the globe. An important element of this human capital is Jeff Anderson who was recently named Director of Operations as part of an expansion strategy that looks to enhance day-to-day operations.

Email Experts, GreenArrow to Unleash Studio 4 in Beta

SCHNEIDER, IN--(Marketwire - March 13, 2013) - GreenArrow by DRH Internet, one of the world's most recognized leaders in email deliverability software, announces the beta launch of their Studio 4 product. GreenArrow Studio is a simple to use web-based email marketing application used to properly and effectively manage email marketing campaigns; simply load your email campaign, choose your recipients, and send. GreenArrow Studio 4 provides enhancements over its predecessor including more powerful features and efficiency, faster importing and sending speeds, and more robust support for multi-tenancy.

GreenArrow Email Software Announces Dynamic Delivery System

This New Feature Can Help Solve Problems with Mass Email Delivery, Enabling More Transactional and Marketing Emails to Reach Customers' Inboxes

GreenArrow Software Takes Email Deliverability to Another Level

A Complete Product Suite with Affordable Pricing and Personalized Customer Support Sets GreenArrow Apart From the Rest

High Volume Email by GreenArrow - Just In Time for the Holidays

GreenArrow by DRH Internet Helps Companies Get Their Message Heard This Holiday Season

Email Sending Leader, GreenArrow Software Proves Superior

Advanced Email Sending Software, Superior Industry Savvy, All With Unparalleled Service Put GreenArrow Ahead of the Competition.

Email Software and Service by GreenArrow Leads to Client Growth

GreenArrow's Complete Email Delivery Software and Service Propel Client Growth Once Again!

Email Delivery Software, GreenArrow Announces Product Suite

Complete Email Software with Honest Pricing, Propels GreenArrow Ahead, Way Ahead