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Greenarrow Email Introduces Advanced, Flexible Feature

Nov 6, 2015 10:06:11 AM

SCHNEIDER, IN – (October 20, 2015) – In response to the growing trend of email personalization as reported in Forbes, Inc: Trends to Watch For in 2015, GreenArrow Email Software by DRH Internet introduces newest feature, Special Sending Rules. Special Sending Rules provides an extraordinary amount of flexibility and, combines the best GreenArrow Engine has to offer by developing a tool for users to customize every message in a campaign. This feature was launched in Beta version earlier this year and is now released for general availability.

A Special Sending Rule is a piece of user-defied computer code, which is run for every message. All information about the subscriber and campaign is passed into the Special Sending Rules code, and the code instructs GreenArrow Engine on how to customize the email. “Special Sending Rules can be used to implement ideas we haven’t even dreamed up yet,” said Lead Developer and CEO, David Harris. He continued, “In fact, that’s what makes it so successful – this solution fits unique business needs.”

GreenArrow customers can use Special Sending Rules to:

• Send account statements (bank statements, tax forms, invoices etc.) to each recipient as a PDF attachment, by using a Special Sending Rule to get the statement from an external server and then add it to the email.

• Customize the IP address used to deliver the email based off of custom fields values, so different segments of the list are sent using different IP addresses to manage IP reputations.

• Geo-target an advertisement in an email newsletter to specific cities by modifying the email based on a custom field containing the recipient’s city.

• Send job alert emails using job information pulled from an API call to an external database.

• Limit how many emails a subscriber may be sent based on custom rules, by using a Special Sending Rule to instruct that the subscriber be skipped once the limit is reached.

• Customize the content of the email message based on information gathered about the subscriber.

“This feature represents a significant milestone in personalized email services. Because a sender can run individualized computer code to meet business needs — including talking to other databases or APIs — the things that can be accomplished are almost limitless,” said David Harris.

About GreenArrow & DRH Internet—GreenArrow by DRH Internet Inc, is a suite of email delivery software and services designed to maximize high volume email success for transactional, retail and marketing messages. Located in the U.S, GreenArrow is an honest, accurate email delivery solution with human support supporting various businesses all over the globe. Send better email by visiting: www.drh.netor call 1-866-374-4678.

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