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GreenArrow Pricing

300K emails/month
Transactional & Marketing
Add LaunchAssist™ for $800

$0.40 / thousand

1M emails/month
Transactional & Marketing
Add LaunchAssist™ for $800

$0.14 / thousand

2M emails/month
Transactional & Marketing
Add LaunchAssist™ for $800

$0.14 / thousand

4M emails/month
Transactional & Marketing
Add LaunchAssist™ for $800

$0.13 / thousand

Need  Higher Volume?

Check out additional plans or get a custom quote

All of our plans include:

Automate in real-time with powerful APIs and webhooks. Powerful APIs and Webhooks
Access enterprise-grade features and support. Enterprise-Grade Features and Support
Build targeted campaigns and get targeted results with drag-and-drop query editor. Drag-and-Drop Query Editor
Deliver email through SMTP or REST API. SMTP or REST API
Send over 1B messages/month with industry-leading deliverability. Industry-Leading Deliverability
Master our software fast with a customized training call with screen share. Customized Training Call with Screen Share

Get off the ground faster with LaunchAssist™!

Add 60 days of LaunchAssist™ to your plan and get personalized Deliverability Support—straight from Mission Control.
$800 | One-time fee

  1. Dedicated Deliverability Support Manager
    Work one-on-one with a member of our team to review your business, your stats and your goals.
  2. Weekly Deliverability Report & Recommendations
    Get actionable insights and turbo-boosting tips delivered to you every week! 
  3. Subscription Practice & Content Review (single brand)
    Ensure a consistent subscriber experience with our branding and content review. Manage multiple brands? Ask about our add-on packages.


Do I want cloud or on-premise?

Both options have their advantages. The question is which is the best for your business? Some clients need a powerful cloud solution that just works. Others need the control or tight integration of on-premise and have the IT resources to manage it.

Do you have a plan below 300K messages?

We don't. However, many of our customers send less than 300K messages/month and find value in our enterprise-grade features, phone/email support and having plenty of room to grow. With the right software and support, what is your business capable of?

Who are you, anyway?

We are a team of email gurus who help clients get results from their email campaigns. We know you have big goals so we build software, services and other tools to get you there. Learn more about our team and our story here

Who do you work with?

If you’re a high-volume sender who is sending relevant email with good engagement, we want to work with you. This includes ESPs, marketing agencies, retailers and senders who have built a large, high-quality list over time. We also work well for lower-volume senders who want a partner in their deliverability, someone who will dig into the details to help improve their results

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