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What are they? And how to avoid them?

A spam trap is a special email address designed to receive spam and “trap” mailers that spam or otherwise use questionable mailing practices. Sending to a spam trap address can quickly damage your deliverability reputation and cause you to be blocked or, worse, get you blacklisted with Spamhaus or other blacklists. Knowing how they work, will help you avoid them.

This ebook discusses different kinds of spam traps, how to prevent sending to spam traps, and what to do if you discover spam traps on your list.


Ebook Spam Traps and Honey Pots

What's inside?

  • 1Are they real?
    Identify real spam traps and honey pots. Discover how they happen and what the difference between Typo Domain and Typo Address traps.
  • 2Can spam traps be reactivated?
    Yes. We'll cover what you need to know. 
    • 3I've tried everything. What am I doing wrong? 
      To get better results, implement our nine Do's & Don'ts before your next campaign.


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