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Remote Lists

Simplify Your List Management

Most email delivery software requires you to load your customer database into the software and then keep that list synchronized with your corporate customer database. This synchronization can be time consuming and error-prone.

So our team created Remote Lists.

With Remote Lists, instead of loading subscriber lists, you enter SQL queries that query your existing SQL database. GreenArrow will connect to your database, run the query, and then send to the recipient list returned. Without a separate email list, your data can't get out of sync.

Why is this a big deal? Three reasons:

GreenArrow Remote Lists


Not having to worry about your database synchronization will save your company precious development and integration time. GreenArrow can connect to MySQL, Postgresql, Microsoft SQL, or most any ODBC compliant database. SQL queries can be tested and previewed directly in the GreenArrow Studio web-interface.



Using Remote Lists allows your email configuration to be more nimble; able to access any data you have in your corporate SQL database. And better data means you can make better decisions—including more targeted, profitable marketing campaigns.


Remote Lists is covered by a full-featured API, enabling advanced integrations. Your marketing department will use GreenArrow Studio web interface to create, launch, and track campaigns. All subscriber opens, clicks, spam complaints, unsubscribes, and bounce information can be passed back to your database using several integration methods. 

GreenArrow-Remote Lists

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