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Deliver Email Smarter.

Never doubt your email delivery again.

Send transactional or marketing emails 

Get lighting-fast performance and actionable analytics using our Core Deliverability Features. 
From the cloud or on-premise, never doubt your email delivery again. 

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Transactional, SMTP & API


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Marketing Studio

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Six Flags

"I am extremely happy with both the software and the service. We’re sending at least three times faster than we did with our previous email platform. The software is extremely easy to use and the service we’ve received is amazing."

- Mark Kupferman
VP at Six Flags Entertainment​

How We Get Results

Honest, accurate email software with human support.
Advanced Features


Upgrade your email performance with Dynamic DeliveryTM,  which automatically adjusts your delivery settings.
Faster Performance

Faster Performance

Ensure your time-sensitive messages are delivered on time. Send up to 8 million emails per hour.
Honest Advice


Get support and advice that matters. Our team asks, "what are your goals?" and then helps you get there.
Comprehensive Analytics

Comprehensive Analytics

Discover 51 data points with our actionable data set. Pair these reports with Monitor to pinpoint your deliverability.
Flexible, Scalable Pricing

Flexible PRicing

With two delivery options and a white-label license, we offer price flexibility your business needs today and tomorrow.
Targeted Sending

Targeted Sending

Use powerful segmentation rules, A/B testing, Remote Lists, and Special Sending Rules to help you deliver the right message.

Email Deliverability Resources

Improve your performance with our tips and tricks. Download free eBooks from our library.

GEt the Good Stuff

We'll send you tools, PDFs, and other resources to grow your email delivery and performance.

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