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Installing and Updating your Seedlist

This document describes how to install or update your GreenArrow Monitor Seedlist to the latest version available to your account.

Downloading the Seedlist

  1. Login to GreenArrow Monitor’s website.

  2. Navigate to Delivery => Seed List:
  3. Copy or download the seedlist:

Updating the Seedlist in GreenArrow Applications

  1. If you’re using GreenArrow Studio, update your seedlist by navigating to Admin => Seed Lists, then clicking the Edit button next to the seedlist that you wish to update.

  2. If you’re using SimpleMH to seed your mailings, save the seedlist to the /var/hvmail/control/simplemh-seedlist file.

Updating the Seedlist in Other Applications

If you’re using a mailing list manager other than GreenArrow Studio, and it has a seeding feature, use it. Otherwise, we recommend importing the GreenArrow Monitor seedlist into its own mailing list.

GreenArrow Monitor uses the Subject and From address to determine what email messages will be grouped together as one deliverability monitoring “campaign” in the system. If you plan to re-use the same Subject and From address for multiple campaigns, or use different Subjects or From addresses in the same campaign, then you should specify a unique identifier for each campaign.

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