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Identifying Campaigns

GreenArrow Studio Customers

GreenArrow Studio automatically inserts the X-CampaignID header described below for you.

GreenArrow Monitor uses the Subject and From address to determine what email messages will be grouped together as one deliverability monitoring “campaign” in the system. If you plan to re-use the same Subject and From address for multiple campaigns, or use different Subjects or From addresses in the same campaign, then you should specify a unique identifier for each campaign. Then messages with the same unique identifier will be grouped together. We call this unique identifier the “Campaign ID.”

The Campaign ID can consist of up to 50 characters.

You can specify a Campaign ID using one of these two options:

  1. Add this header, replacing the username string with your GreenArrow Monitor username, and the CampaignID string with a unique identifier for the campaign:

    X-CampaignID: username:campaignid

  2. Insert this text anywhere in the headers, HTML body, or text body (searched in that order). Replace the username string with your username, and the CampaignID string with a unique identifier for the campaign. Placing this inside an HTML comment is okay:


If you’re using GreenArrow Engine’s SimpleMH, then alternatively, you can turn on on the Automatically Seed Mailings option for the desired Mail Class. This option is turned off by default.

If mail is injected with the X-CampaignID header set, and it belongs to a Mail Class that has the Automatically Seed Mailings feature turned on, then the X-CampaignID header is ignored, and Automatically Seed Mailings takes precedence.

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