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Create Your First Campaign

Let’s walk through creating your first email campaign. Follow the steps below to set it up, create your content and define who will receive the email.

Initial Setup

  1. Log into GreenArrow Studio, go to the Campaigns tab and click Create Campaign:
  2. Enter aName. This name is only used internally, so your subscribers won’t see it:
  3. Choose the Mailing List to use for the campaign:
  4. Choose whether you wish to use a template. Templates allow you to predefine attributes to re-use in campaigns. For example, you could define the default HTML and text bodies, Subject, and segment in a template. We’re not using a template in this example:
  5. Click the Create this campaign button:

Define Your Content

  1. Click the Edit Content link that appears to the right of Steps Required to Send:

  2. Click the Add link next to Subject not defined, as you need to define a subject before being allowed to send this campaign.

  3. Add HTML or text to this content by clicking one of the buttons in the empty preview image tile. You can click Edit to begin editing the content in the BEE editor, or you can import HTML or Text using either the Import From URL or Import From file buttons.

  4. Optionally, add a text version of this content, by clicking the Add text part or Edit text part links. If you add a text part to the content, you cannot send the campaign until it is defined. Note the Text content not defined warning next to the Edit text part link.

  5. If you have accidentally added a text part, you can remove it by clicking the Remove text part link in the Actions dropdown.

Choose Your Segment

  1. Click the Edit Segment link that appears to the right of Steps Required to Send:
  2. Click Use this segment to accept the default segment. This will send to all recipients who have not been deactivated due to a bounce, spam complaint, unsubscribe, or other cause:

Segmentation options are outside the scope of this article. See our Segmentation Builder Basics article if you’d like to learn more about this topic.

Review Delivery Settings

  1. Click the Edit Delivery link that appears to the right of Steps Required to Send:
  2. Many of the delivery settings that you now see had their default values defined when the mailing list was created. See our Import Your First Mailing List article if you’d like more details on those settings.

    Additional fields on this page include `Track Opens` and `Track Links`. They're both on by default, but you can click `No` if you don't want to track them:

    Click the `Update this campaign` button at the bottom of the page to save the delivery settings:

Preview the Campaign

Follow the steps in this section if you’d like to send a preview of your campaign:

  1. Click the Preview button:
  2. Enter the desired Recipients:
  3. Set Split Emails to Yes if you’d like separate emails to be sent for the HTML and text previews. The default No selection will send a single multipart email to each recipient which contains both the HTML and text versions of the campaign:
  4. Click Send this preview:

Send the Campaign

  1. Click Send campaign:
  2. Next, schedule the campaign to be sent immediately or at another time:

    If you're scheduling the send for later, you can enter a specific date and time or just type in a time relative to now. For example, you can enter `in 2 hours`, and GreenArrow Studio will understand what you mean, as shown by the text that was generated underneath the text field in the screenshot below:

  3. Click the Schedule this campaign button:
  4. GreenArrow Studio now takes you to a confirmation page, where you can review the details of the campaign that’s about to be sent. When you’re finished with the review, click Send this campaign:
  5. The campaign is now scheduled, and will automatically start sending at the time that you specified. GreenArrow Studio will redirect you to the campaign’s home page, where you can see the status of the campaign:

Congratulations! You just created and sent your first GreenArrow Studio campaign!

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