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This document is deprecated

This document is about Legacy Event Notification System Configuration.

Please see the event_delivery_destination configuration directive for more information on configuring event notification.

Legacy configuration

This document describes how to enable and disable the Event Notification System for the types of GreenArrow Studio events that you wish to be notified about:

  1. SSH into your GreenArrow server.
  2. Login to PostgreSQL as the Greenarrow user:

     /var/hvmail/postgres/default/bin/psql -U greenarrow
  3. Enable or disable the event types that you wish to receive by updating the desired event_notification_* columns in the s_system_configs table:

    Column Name Event Type
    event_notification_studio_click studio_click
    event_notification_studio_open studio_open
    event_notification_studio_unsub studio_unsub
    event_notification_bounce_all bounce_all
    event_notification_bounce_bad_address bounce_bad_address
    event_notification_scomp scomp
    event_notification_studio_subscriber_created studio_subscriber_created
    event_notification_studio_subscriber_updated studio_subscriber_updated
    1. Example 1: To enable all event types, run:

       UPDATE s_system_configs SET event_notification_studio_click = TRUE,
         event_notification_studio_open = TRUE,
         event_notification_studio_unsub = TRUE,
         event_notification_bounce_all = TRUE,
         event_notification_bounce_bad_address = TRUE,
         event_notification_scomp = TRUE,
         event_notification_studio_subscriber_created = TRUE,
         event_notification_studio_subscriber_updated = TRUE;
    2. Example 2: To disable all event types, run:

       UPDATE s_system_configs SET event_notification_studio_click = FALSE,
         event_notification_studio_open = FALSE,
         event_notification_studio_unsub = FALSE,
         event_notification_bounce_all = FALSE,
         event_notification_bounce_bad_address = FALSE,
         event_notification_scomp = FALSE,
         event_notification_studio_subscriber_created = FALSE,
         event_notification_studio_subscriber_updated = FALSE;
  4. Logout of PostgreSQL:

  5. Apply changes:

     greenarrow_config reload
  6. Review the Event Delivery Methods document, and pick which method you would like to use to receive Event Notification System data.

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