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This document describes how to enable and disable the Event Notification System for the types of GreenArrow Studio events that you wish to be notified about:

  1. SSH into your GreenArrow server.
  2. Login to PostgreSQL as the Greenarrow user:

     /var/hvmail/postgres/default/bin/psql -U greenarrow
  3. Enable or disable the event types that you wish to receive by updating the desired event_notification_* columns in the s_system_configs table:

    Column Name Event Type
    event_notification_studio_click studio_click
    event_notification_studio_open studio_open
    event_notification_studio_unsub studio_unsub
    event_notification_bounce_all bounce_all
    event_notification_bounce_bad_address bounce_bad_address
    event_notification_scomp scomp
    event_notification_studio_subscriber_created studio_subscriber_created
    event_notification_studio_subscriber_updated studio_subscriber_updated
    1. Example 1: To enable all event types, run:

       UPDATE s_system_configs SET event_notification_studio_click = TRUE,
         event_notification_studio_open = TRUE,
         event_notification_studio_unsub = TRUE,
         event_notification_bounce_all = TRUE,
         event_notification_bounce_bad_address = TRUE,
         event_notification_scomp = TRUE,
         event_notification_studio_subscriber_created = TRUE,
         event_notification_studio_subscriber_updated = TRUE;
    2. Example 2: To disable all event types, run:

       UPDATE s_system_configs SET event_notification_studio_click = FALSE,
         event_notification_studio_open = FALSE,
         event_notification_studio_unsub = FALSE,
         event_notification_bounce_all = FALSE,
         event_notification_bounce_bad_address = FALSE,
         event_notification_scomp = FALSE,
         event_notification_studio_subscriber_created = FALSE,
         event_notification_studio_subscriber_updated = FALSE;
  4. Logout of PostgreSQL:

  5. Apply changes:

     svc -t /service/hvmail-passenger /service/hvmail-studio-worker
     sleep 7
     svstat /service/hvmail-passenger /service/hvmail-studio-worker
  6. Review the Event Delivery Methods document, and pick which method you would like to use to receive Event Notification System data.

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