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Licensing and Credits

GreenArrow Studio requires a license key to operate and uses “credits”, described below to determine usage for billing purposes.

You can verify that your license is current and determine credit usage by navigating to “Admin” => “System”:

Studio Version Number and Credit Usage

If your license is not current or otherwise invalid, then rather than seeing the above type of report, you’ll be redirected to a login page which contains the following text:

The installed license key is not valid. Please contact your system administrator for further instructions.

License Key and Versions

GreenArrow Engine and Studio’s shared license key is located at /var/hvmail/control/license_key.

The license key is used both to verify that you’re running a supported installation, and to determine what version of GreenArrow is installed. There are two types of license keys:

  • Enterprise license keys do not impose any speed limit. GreenArrow will send as quickly as the hardware that it’s running on allows for, within configurable limits like the campaign’s configurable sending speed.
  • Pro license keys limit you to injecting a maximum of 100,000 emails per hour. So for example, if you wish to send a campaign to 250,000 recipients with a Pro license, it will take GreenArrow Studio about 2.5 hours to inject those emails into Engine, assuming you don’t have some hardware bottleneck or configurable setting impose a lower limit.


GreenArrow Studio uses credits to determine usage for the purposes of GreenArrow billing licensees.

Each GreenArrow Studio license comes with a specific number of credits (usually 12), and those credits are used based on the number of organizations and users which are created.

You can view your current credit usage by navigating to “Admin” => “System”.

Your contact with GreenArrow describes how credits work in legalese, but in plain English, the following formula is used:

  • An Organization containing 100,000 or more active subscribers across all lists uses 2 credits and comes with 2 users.

  • An Organization containing less than 100,000 active subscribers across all lists uses 1 credit, and comes with 1 user.

  • Each additional user beyond those included with an organization use 0.5 credits.

You can find out how many credits you have by either referring to your GreenArrow contract, or contacting GreenArrow Technical support.

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