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Email Service Providers


Our software is ideal for Email Service Providers whose customers expect an enhanced experience in order to improve their subscriber engagement. We provide both the high-performance delivery engine, plus an optional email marketing application that’s easy to use so your customers can quickly start building their campaigns.

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Need a more powerful Mail Transfer Agent?

GreenArrow Engine API

Send your volume faster.
Deliver smarter with GreenArrow Engine.


Need a complete email marketing platform?

GreenArrow Marketing Studio Template

Help clients grow subscriber relationships.
Build smarter with Marketing Studio.


More features for Email Service Providers:

  • Serve all of your customers on a single server with sub-accounts
  • Set fine-grained permissions to access IPs, Virtual MTAs, and domain names for each sub-account
  • Limit message volume and subscriber count, and set automatic warnings as they approach quotas
  • We offer white labeling so you can show off your own brand by customizing style sheets and images
  • APIs for setting up accounts, managing account permissions, and getting billing data

Our dedicated team of problem-solvers supports our customers with expertise and with compassion.

“Highly customizable, Lasso has a lot of highly unique requirements and GreenArrow is the only platform that could meet our needs.”

Travis Edgar

Lasso CRM

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