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A smarter alternative to PowerMTA

Take control with more powerful features. Learn more about how we help you connect to subscribers and grow business.

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Powerful email delivery software for people who send smart.

  • High-performance software for both On-Premise and Cloud
  • With more deliverability enhancing features and monitoring
  • Plus an optional, integrated front-end marketing studio
  • And a superior support team
  • All for a better price than PowerMTA

GreenArrow is just the smarter choice.


More reasons to get GreenArrow? Download our free comparison.

Data speaks louder than words. Our side-by-side comparison reveals why we're the most popular alternative to PowerMTA.

Integrate, flex, scale.

GreenArrow empowers you to take control over your email delivery and get smarter about your send.


Deliverability Optimized

Get better insights from subscriber activity with features like transparent click & open tracking, inbox monitoring, bounce processing, and detailed reporting.


Perform Powerfully

Need to send 10 million messages per hour from a single server? No problem! High-speed high-volume, we mastered it. Our superior MTA can handle your lofty goals.


Unparalleled Problem-Solvers

Nothing beats a stellar support team that tackles that tough stuff. We’ve created easy-to-use software. And if you run into questions, rest assured, help is here to stay.



"I am extremely happy with both the software and the service. We’re sending at least three times faster than we did with our previous email platform. The software is extremely easy to use and the service we’ve received is amazing."


Mark Kupferman

VP at Six Flags Entertainment​

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Reliably powerful email, supported by humans for humans.

We build ambitiously to exceed our customer's expectations and help them grow their business.