A Smarter Alternative to PowerMTA


Email delivery software for a more powerful send

Data speaks louder than words. Our side-by-side comparison reveals why we’re the most popular alternative to PowerMTA.

Tech Support
A superior support team of experts
GreenArrow OnPrem vs Cloud
Enterprise-grade software for On-Prem & Cloud
More deliverability enhancing features
Optional, integrated email marketing app
All for a better price than PowerMTA

“Support is easily the best we’ve ever seen.”

Raphael Burnes

iPhone Life

The superior tech support you’ve been searching for

Nothing beats a stellar support team that tackles that tough stuff. We’ve created easy-to-use software, and if you run into questions, rest assured, help is here to stay. You can connect with our support team in a number of ways:

GreenArrow PowerMTA
Email Support
Phone Support
Installation & Setup Service Available

Software for On-Premises or Cloud

Are you a sender with in-house technical ability and need email delivery software running on your own servers for business or custom integration requirements? Or would you rather our experts manage your servers, throttling, and deliverability details? Our software can support the unique experience you envision for your business depending on your requirements, team, expertise, and overall end goals. 

Take control with more powerful features

Need to send 8 million messages per hour from a single server? No problem! High-speed high-volume, we mastered it. Our superior MTA can handle your lofty goals.

Email delivery control

GreenArrow Engine On-Premises gives you advanced control over your email delivery, and with Engine Cloud, many of these features are managed by us.

GreenArrow PowerMTA
IP Rate Limiting
Support for multiple IPs (VirtualMTAs)
Flexible email routing configuration (Routing Rules)
Manage key config in configuration file
Manage key config in web-based UI & API
DKIM signing
DKIM signing configured by email headers
TLS encryption for SMTP
Submit email with: SMTP
Submit email with: HTTP API
Submit email with: file pickup directory
Automatic SMTP Delivery Backoff & notification

Superior reporting

GreenArrow gives you more reporting, more data tracking, and more access to your data — leading to more insights about subscribers, which leads to better results.

GreenArrow PowerMTA
Per-campaign reporting including: opens/clicks, bounces, SMTP delivery, and spam complaints
Time-series graphing of SMTP delivery results
Transparent click & open tracking
Automatic seeding
Bounce processor / classifier
Feedback loop processor
Event delivery to HTTP Webhook
Event delivery to Custom database action
Event delivery to logfile
Dynamic Delivery

Monitor email delivery at-a-glance with Dynamic Delivery Charts

Throttling and Backoff

Improve email delivery with automatically adjusted throttling


We help you connect to subscribers and grow business.

With GreenArrow’s optional Marketing Studio application, you’ll get real-time, actionable data to improve both your performance and your marketing.

GreenArrow Marketing Studio Template
GreenArrow PowerMTA
Responsive drag-and-drop email editor for clean, eye-catching, professional campaigns
Manage mailing lists, subscribers, and suppression list
Launch email campaigns
Advanced segmentation builder
A/B Testing
Write source code to fully customize each individual message – giving you the freedom to be creative
Launch triggered email messages
No need to synchronize your data and keep separate copies in two databases

Flexible pricing & plans that grow with your business

Depending on your needs and output, we offer Perpetual, annual, and monthly lease licenses along with licenses for both On-Premises or Cloud editions.

  • On-Premises MTA Engine-Only starting at $6,000 perpetual or $600/month
  • On-Premises MTA Engine with Marketing Studio starting at $9,000 perpetual or $750/month
  • Cloud plans range from $250/month for 300K emails/month to $1,000/month for 4 million emails/month. Sending higher volume? Get a custom quote.

Ready for a test drive?

When you’ve got questions, there’s nothing quite like seeing our software in action. Schedule a demo with us and we’ll help you figure out how it can work for you.