SMTP Cloud Email Service


Do you send relevant, permission-based email, but don’t want to manage servers, throttling, or deliverability details?

GreenArrow offers a turnkey, SMTP / API email delivery Cloud service, plus email marketing application, so you can start delivering quickly and easily.

Deliverability Optimized

Our team of experts manages the details of email deliverability, throttling, monitoring, and IPs so that you don’t have to.

Performance Boosted

Turbo-charge your email technology. High-speed, high-volume, we’ve mastered it. Consider your lofty goals reachable.

Tech Support Relief

Not just problem-solvers, we’re solution coordinators. We tackle the tough stuff and help you get smarter about your software.

Easier email delivery + email marketing software in the Cloud

Leave the complexities to us so you can keep the focus on better email content, more efficient processes, enhancing relationships to subscribers, and growing business.

Deliverability details optimized
Transparent click and open tracking
Bounce and feedback loop processing
Encrypted delivery
High speed, high-volume email delivery
Event delivery to HTTP webhooks

“The GreenArrow support and account management teams have always gone above and beyond to make sure we’ve got the correct solutions in place for optimal performance.”

Robert Coleman

OffTheBack | eTailer

Deliverability details optimized

We provide a managed email deliverability service. With a combined 32 years of experience, our experts take care of the technical details for you.

  • Adjust delivery rate limiting and IP routing to enhance deliverability and route around trouble spots
  • Monitor the health of email delivery and fine-tune our network to enhance delivery
  • Maintain clean IP address reputations
  • Ensure SPF and DKIM authentication are protecting your email
  • Monitor for blacklisting of domains and IPs


Transparent click & open tracking to assess subscriber engagement

Awareness of your subscriber engagement is key to email deliverability. Lean on GreenArrow’s automatic & transparent tracking system.

  • Each email message is transparently modified to include click and open tracking links
  • Every click and open is recorded
  • Details are available through webhooks and statistics through per-campaign and aggregate reporting


Bounce & feedback loop processing

Our automatic processing keeps your email list clean by removing bad email addresses and spam complainers.

  • Removing spam complainers with feedback loops helps reduce future spam complaints and identify problem spots
  • Removing bad addresses with bounce processing keeps your list clean
  • Some bad email addresses turn into spamtraps if they are not removed
  • Categorizes bounces into 23 different reason categories

GreenArrow Engine Cloud Encryption

Encrypted email delivery

Prevent passive intermediaries from reading, intercepting or modifying your email. GreenArrow provides opportunistic TLS encryption for SMTP deliveries.  If the remote server does not support encryption, GreenArrow’s Engine will deliver without encryption. This also prevents Gmail from warning for unencrypted messages.


High speed, high-volume email delivery

Our powerful email delivery network boosts your performance and delivers your email quickly and efficiently.

  • Inject email through SMTP or HTTP API
  • Message batching and compression through HTTP API to improve performance
  • Delivery rates of 8M messages per hour (depending on message size) and 100’s of millions of messages per month are no problem. (More available with a custom plan)
  • Flexible plans that meet your requirements. See Cloud Pricing ›


Enhance business processes with event delivery to HTTP webhooks

GreenArrow Engine gives you the information about your email delivery so you can build powerful integrations with your existing business processes.

  • Get notified of Clicks, Opens, Bounces, Deliveries, New Messages, and more
  • Notifications can include a custom tracking ID that you assign to each email


Ready for a test drive?

When you’ve got questions, there’s nothing quite like seeing our software in action. Schedule a demo with us and we’ll help you figure out how it can work for you.

Smarter Campaigns with Engine + Marketing Studio

For marketers who need to easily build and send high-volume, time-sensitive campaigns and get more insights from list activity to improve engagement with subscribers, Marketing Studio automatically comes with your Cloud software.