Feel more confident about your email delivery.

We built GreenArrow Inbox Monitor so you can track whether or not messages are getting to the inbox through our seedlist-based monitoring. By tracking deliverability, you will gain insights in order to improve and maintain your inbox access and ensure your email reaches subscribers.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your deliverability.

It’s estimated that over 20% of legitimate, permission-based email is sent to the Spam folder. So after spending time and money on campaigns, any message that doesn’t land in the Inbox is wasted spend. By leveraging seedlist-based monitoring, you’ll be able to drill down into individual messages and diagnose where your deliverability falls short to improve your inbox placement.

How does seedlist-based monitoring work?

A “seedlist” is a list of several hundred test email addresses from different Internet Service Providers. While sending an email campaign you can send to these seed addresses along with your regular email addresses. Our automated system checks the Inbox and Spam folder of each of these email addresses, records where your email showed up, and reports back to you.

Extensive seedlist coverage for North America and B2B

Our seedlist of hundreds of test addresses gives you a full snapshot of your deliverability in North America and to B2B spam filters. Additional coverage is provided for several popular European mailbox providers.

GreenArrow Inbox Monitor Weighted Averages

View weighted averages

When integrated with GreenArrow Engine or Marketing Studio, the seedlist result data is combined with the percentage of your list that is at each monitored domain name to provide a weighted average giving a more accurate picture of your email deliverability.

GreenArrow Inbox Monitor

Integrated into GreenArrow Engine and Marketing Studio

Your campaigns can be automatically seeded, and your deliverability results will be included directly in your campaign reports.


ISPs we monitor

ISPs – Global

  • AOL
  • Gmail
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo

ISPs – Canada

  • Bell Canada (Business)
  • Bell Canada (Residential)
  • Primus Canada
  • Rogers
  • Telus
  • Yahoo Canada

ISPs – Asia Pacific

  • Telecom New Zealand

ISPs – United States

  • ATT
  • Bell South
  • CenturyLink
  • Charter Communications
  • Comcast
  • Earthlink
  • iCloud
  • Mediacom
  • MSN
  • Netscape
  • NetZero
  • Qwest
  • Road Runner
  • SBC
  • Verizon

ISPs – Europe

  • AOL UK
  • Free France
  • Hotmail France
  • Hotmail Germany
  • Hotmail Spain
  • Hotmail UK
  • Orange France
  • Yahoo France
  • Yahoo Germany
  • Yahoo Italy
  • Yahoo Spain
  • Yahoo UK

ISPs – B2B

  • Barracuda Email Security Service
  • Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall
  • BlueTie
  • Cloudmark
  • CommTouch
  • GoDaddy
  • Google Apps (formerly Postini Accounts)
  • IronPort
  • Rackspace Email
  • SpamAssassin
  • Symantec Messaging Gateway (formerly Brightmail)

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