Email Marketing Studio

When you need a robust and reliable all-in-one email delivery platform, our flexible, user-intuitive Marketing Studio layers on top of our email delivery engine, so you can build, send, evaluate, and optimize campaigns to enhance subscriber relationships.

Marketing Studio is bundled with Engine Cloud Edition and an optional add-on for Engine On-Premises Edition.

Build Smarter Email

Our app makes it easy to create and customize eye-catching newsletters and campaigns so you can focus on crafting better content.

Improve Subscriber Relationships

Leverage what you learn from subscriber activity and send smarter campaigns with A/B Testing, Segmentation, Triggered Email, and more.

Enhanced Integration

Powerful and advanced features let you take the wheel to customize your integration and make the software your own.

Build Smarter Email

Easily build clean, professional email campaigns

Subscribers engage more with clean, eye-catching, device-friendly emails that show off your brand and your content. We provide everything you need to start building right away.

  • Responsive and optimized for tablet and mobile: your emails will look great on any device
  • Drag-and-drop component blocks to add text, images, videos, and other content
  • Preview how your emails will appear to subscribers on their mobile or desktop devices
  • Optionally upload your own HTML or use our HTML code editor

Improve Subscriber Relationships

A/B Testing

Find out what subscribers best respond to. Marketing Studio can do up to ten separate tests on a single campaign. Plus, you can test with a portion of the subscribers and then automatically send the winning version to the rest of subscribers.

Advanced Segmentation

Segmenting helps you send more relevant email which can improve your email deliverability. Create nested and complex segments so your content reaches the right subscribers, gets more opens, and sparks more engagement.

Triggered Messages

A more automated workflow makes email marketing a lot easier. Create triggers based on subscription, an API call, and email activity (click, open, or being sent a message).

Bounce & Feedback Loop Management

Keep your email list healthy! Marketing Studio automatically removes bad email addresses and spam complaints so you don’t have to worry about bad subscribers lowering your deliverability rate.

Get real-time, actionable data to improve both your performance and your marketing.

  • 39 data-points for each campaign
  • See which subscribers click/open/unsubscribe
  • Drill into spam complaint rate by domain
  • See SMTP delivery stats by domain and drill into SMTP error and deferral messages
  • See trending over time and aggregate reporting

Enhanced Integration

GreenArrow Engine API

Marketing Studio has full API Coverage

GreenArrow’s well-documented API enables you to launch campaigns, import and update subscribers, or pull data into your systems and more. Some GreenArrow customers have built an entire platform on top of GreenArrow’s API.

Webhooks let GreenArrow proactively push data into your system for various events: clicks, opens, unsubscribes, bounces, subscriber creation/updates, and more.

Marketing Studio Unlimitedd Customization

Unlimited customization of each message

Need to give each subscriber a custom attachment? Need to include custom content for each subscriber from an API? Need to do something nobody has thought of yet? Leverage advanced customization with Special Sending Rules.

Special Sending Rules let you write source code to fully customize each individual message – giving you the freedom to be creative. Use this to personalize the content, from address, subject, add attachments, skip sending to a subscriber, or anything else you can write code for.

Marketing Studio Remote Lists

No need to synchronize your data and keep separate copies in two databases.

Pull recipient lists directly out of your database using Remote Lists. Every time a “send” is launched, GreenArrow connects to your database, performs a query you specify, then sends to the recipients returned by that query. Every bounce, unsubscribe, and spam-complaint is also sent back to your database using event delivery or webhooks.


White Labeling Available

Are you an Email Service Provider or a Technology Consultant looking for a powerful email delivery and marketing solution for your customers or clients, and need to white label? You’re in the right place, let’s talk!

Delivers with the power of GreenArrow Engine

8M+ per hour

Send Fast:
Get your messages out quickly and efficiently. Send over 8 million messages per hour.

200M+ per month

Send hundreds of millions of messages per month per server/account or more.

8B+ per month

Our customers rely on our software to send over 8 billion messages per month combined.

All GreenArrow Marketing Studio licenses include GreenArrow Engine

Review the specific features of each edition below.

On-Premises Edition

Marketing Studio builds on top of the powerful email delivery features of Engine On-Premises Edition.

Your technical team can optimize and manage your email deliverability with robust features:

  • Multiple IP support & powerful email routing
  • Advanced deliverability reporting
  • Delivery rate limiting
  • Automatic backoff and throttling
  • Feedback loops and bounce processing
  • For more, visit our On-Prem Edition page

GreenArrow Engine also contains the performance you need: 8 million messages per hour or more (depending on message size) from a single server.

More about the power of Engine On-Prem Edition ›

Cloud Edition

Marketing Studio leverages the powerful cloud email deliverability network of Engine Cloud Edition.

With Cloud, we manage the email deliverability features and settings for you:

  • Maintain clean IP address reputations
  • Adjust delivery rate limiting and IP routing to enhance deliverability and route around trouble spots
  • Monitor the health of email delivery
  • Feedback loops

Our cloud email delivery network is able to handle your performance needs from hundreds of thousands to millions of messages per hour.

More about the power of Engine Cloud Edition ›

GreenArrow OnPrem vs Cloud

Not quite sure which edition would be best for your business?

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