On-Premise Email Solutions


Do you have the in-house technical ability, plus security, integration, or other business needs that require On-Premises email software?

GreenArrow offers a high-powered Mail Transfer Agent that puts you in control of your deliverability, plus our optional Marketing Studio to build, send, evaluate, and optimize email campaigns.

Deliverability Optimized

Smarter tools will help teams fine-tune messages so they reach their destination, make connections, and grow business.

Performance Boosted

Turbo-charge your email technology. High-speed, high-volume, we’ve mastered it. Consider your lofty goals reachable.

Tech Support Relief

Not just problem-solvers, we’re solution coordinators. We tackle the tough stuff and help you get smarter about your software.

Take control with a more powerful On-Premises Email Engine.

Our enterprise-grade Mail Transfer Agent is ideal for those who want to run and manage the software on their own hardware or on their own Cloud servers in order to have more control over configuration and features.

High-speed, high-performance email delivery
At-a-glance email delivery monitoring with Dynamic Delivery Charts
Improve email delivery with automatically adjusted throttling
Configuration, your way, through API & UI or configuration files
Delivery rate limiting
Multiple IP support & flexible email routing
Event delivery to HTTP webhooks
Transparent click and open tracking
Bounce, spam, feedback loop, & other incoming message processing

High-speed, high-performance email delivery

GreenArrow’s powerful Mail Transfer Agent boosts your performance and delivers your email quickly and efficiently.

  • Inject email through SMTP or HTTP API
  • Delivery rates of 8M messages per hour per server depending on message size


Monitor email delivery at-a-glance with Dynamic Delivery Charts

Review time-series graphing of your SMTP delivery in order to quickly pinpoint problems, see trends, and optimize your email delivery.

  • Drill down by IP address, recipient domain, or throttle rule
  • Adjust throttle settings directly from reports

Throttling and Backoff

Improve email delivery with automatically adjusted throttling

Dynamic Delivery programs automatically suspend or throttle back email delivery on IPs that are experiencing problems.

  • Protects your email sending reputation by being polite to Mailbox Providers
  • Automatically routes email around trouble spots when combined with Routing Rules

Configuration, your way, through API & UI or configuration files

Integrate key configuration in whatever way is best for your existing processes and systems. GreenArrow Engine doesn’t hold you back.

  • User intuitive web-interface & complete API
  • Powerful NGINX-style configuration files
  • Easily synchronize multiple servers with configuration files

Delivery rate limiting

The control and limit of your delivery speed and concurrent connections is key to successful email delivery. GreenArrow Engine gives you all of the settings you need.

  • Allows you to obey the Mailbox Providers’ speed limits, leading to better results
  • Enables warming up IP addresses

Multiple IP support & flexible email routing

Flexible Routing Rules allow you to send from multiple IPs on the same server and intelligently route email between them.

  • Maintain different reputations on different IPs
  • Spread email over multiple IPs to achieve redundancy or volume
  • Route around trouble-spots on a per-domain basis

Enhance business processes with event delivery to HTTP webhooks

GreenArrow Engine gives you the information about your email delivery so you can build powerful integrations with your existing business processes.

  • Get notified of Clicks, Opens, Bounces, Deliveries, New Messages, and more
  • Also supports event delivery by performing a custom action in your database or writing to a logfile
  • Notifications can include a custom tracking ID that you assign to each email

Transparent click and open tracking to assess subscriber engagement

Knowing your subscriber engagement is key to email deliverability. Instead of building your own click and open tracking system, lean on GreenArrow’s automatic & transparent tracking system.

  • Each email message is transparently modified to include click and open tracking links
  • Every click and open are recorded
  • Details are available through webhooks and in per-campaign reporting
GreenArrow Spam Complaints

Bounce, spam, feedback loop, & other incoming message processing

Keeps your email list clean by removing bad email addresses and spam complainers

  • Removing spam complaints helps reduce future spam complaints and identify problem spots
  • Some bad email addresses turn into spamtraps if they are not removed
  • Categorizes spam complaints into 23 different reason categories

Ready for a test drive?

Schedule a demo with us and we’ll help you figure out how it can work for you. When you’ve got questions, there’s nothing quite like seeing our software in action.

Smarter Campaigns with Engine + Marketing Studio

For marketers who need to easily build and send high-volume, time-sensitive campaigns and get more insights from list activity to improve engagement with subscribers, add our Marketing Studio application to your On-Premises Engine software.