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A full-featured email marketing application

Mailing List Management
  • List Management: Your mailing list is automatically maintained. Unsubscribes and bounced addresses are automatically removed and new subscribers are added.
  • Sign-up Forms: Create subscribe and unsubscribe forms for your website. Supports both opt-in and confirmed-opt-in.
  • Custom Field Data: Use custom fields to store subscriber first and last names, age, subscription preferences, etc—then use this for segmentation and personalization.
  • Large mailing lists: Supports millions of subscribers.
  • Multiple mailing lists: Create as many mailling lists as you need.

Email Sending
  • Fast Sending: Send 4 million messages per hour or more.
  • Suppression Lists: Suppress individual campaigns against any list of addresses.
  • Banned lists: You can add addresses and domains to the banned list which guarantees that they will never receive email. Both global and per-mailing-list banned lists are supported.
  • Split A/B Testing: Easily split your mailing list into multiple parts to perform split A/B testing.
  • Automatic "Open In Your Web Browser" Link: Include a link in your email campaigns which allows recipients to view the message in their web browser.

  • All The Power Of GreenArrow Engine: GreenArrow Studio uses GreenArrow Engine to deliver email, so you get all of its powerful deliverability features: email authentication, IP segmentation, deliverability reporting, bounce processing, and feedback loop processing.
  • Expert Management: We can fully manage your deliverability or perform as-needed consulting.

Email Campaign Management
  • Graphical editor: Edit campaigns using our WYSIWYG editor or edit the HTML source directly.
  • Import Campaigns: Easily import an email campaign from a website or upload a file with the HTML or text content.
  • Preview Campaigns: Powerful preview system allows you to send a proof email directly from the editing page. Great for agencies.
  • Personalization: Dynamically insert custom field data into the email. For example, personalize messages with your subscribers first and last names.
  • Templates: Create and manage templates for your campaigns.

  • Click & Open Data: See how many subscribers clicked and opened and which links in your email were clicked the most. Know if your open rate is going up or down and which messages connect most with subscribers.
  • Bounce data: See how many emails bounced.
  • Unsubscribes: See how many unsubscribes each campaign generates.
  • Spam Complaints: See how many spam complaints were received. Keeping your complaint rate low is crucial for good deliverability.

Power Features
  • Advanced Segmentation: The segmentation engine allows you to send to only a portion of your list based on subscriber data or behavior. For example, using custom fields, you could send only to male subscribers aged 25 to 35. Or you could divide your list to send only to subscribers that clicked on a previous email campaign, and so on. The options are endless.
  • API: Programatically add and update subscribers and launch email campaigns.
  • Sub-Accounts: Create sub-accounts for employees or customers with full or limited access.

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