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"I am extremely happy with both the software and the service. We're sending at least three times faster than we did with our previous email platform. The software is extremely easy to use and the service we've received is amazing."

Six Flags
Mark Kupferman, VP at Six Flags Entertainment

"Spikemail chose GreenArrow over a number of competitors to partner with for our email delivery platform. Their team is by far the best technical department to support the email campaigns for our clients in New Zealand to send to recipients worldwide. Their ability to interface with ISPs across the globe and provide outstanding customer service is second to none."

Spike Email

Glenn Edley, President, Spikemail

"DRH's expertise, passion and knowledge are clearly evident in the GreenArrow infrastructure, which has rapidly become a pivotal and very reliable part of our systems."

Elite Email

 Robert Burko, President, EliteEmail.com

 "DRH's support of our GreenArrow Studio installation has been top-notch. Their integration team has been able to quickly roll out custom extensions for us. They're available when we need them. Their Postgres expertise has proved invaluable in identifying and correcting problems with our installation. And their thoughtful analysis has been a great help in planning migrations.

DRH is reliable, dedicated and fast, & their pricing is fair. Highly recommended."


Mark O'Neill,  Director of Technology, Thrillist.com

"Unlike typical mailing software systems, our customers benefit from high speed and high volume deliveries with the added benefits of automated and configurable Bounce Processing, delivery and speed throttling at the ISP level, private virtual mail servers for each of our clients, and more. Additionally, DRH's detailed deliverability analysis capabilities enable us to specifically identify problems with a client's list or mailing and even help identify which segments of a mailing list are responsible for generating sales, complaints, or no activity at all." 

All Web Promotion

Peter Roebuck, President of Marketing, All Web Promotion, Inc.

"David Harris leads his company with integrity and with a keen sense of treating customers as his number one priority. If any individual, business, or organization is looking for a place where they can be assured of the highest caliber of commitment and expertise, could not recommend a better company than DRH."

Hargrave Military Academ

Ross Perkins, Hargrave Military Academy

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