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Transactional Email by GreenArrow

Transactional Email Delivery

Built for Developers, Highly Customizable

Flexible and secure SMTP and API email delivery from your application or website.

Easy integration, managed deployment, and our Core Deliverability Features including Dynamic DeliveryTM.

Choose an on-premise MTA or managed cloud solution. 

Transactional SMTP API by GreenArrow

Reach the Inbox 

Deliverability requires three things:

  1. GreenArrow Core Deliverability FeaturesTM
    We take care of the details. From foundational best practices including RFC compliance, DKIM signing to the advanced features senders need today, such as Dynamic Delivery, Routing Rules, and in-depth reporting.

  2. The Human Element 
    Even the best software needs a driver. For cloud customers, we got the wheel. For on-premise customers, we are your co-pilot with sensible defaults, LaunchAssist, deliverability resources, documentation, and Inbox Strategy Consulting and more.

  3. Quality Email
    This one is up to you and we’ll tell it to you straight: sending wanted, expected, and relevant email is essential to your Inbox success. 
Email Deliverability Illustration


Achieve Volume & Speed 

Have a big list and an important deadline? Need high-performance? Don’t be held back by slow software. GreenArrow users boast sending 10M+ emails an hour with up to 8,000 concurrent connections. GreenArrow's Engine will ensure your time-sensitive messages are delivered on time.

Intuitive Interface

We've built an intuitive, easy-to-use web interface for technical and non-technical teams, alike. For example, easily assign different delivery attributes to various classes of email.


Edit Mail Classes

TLS Encryption & Security

Encrypted Delivery 

Prevent passive intermediaries from reading, intercepting or modifying your email. GreenArrow provides opportuntistic TLS encryption for SMTP deliveries.  If the remote server does not support encryption, GreenArrow's Engine will deliver without encryption.

Dynamic DeliveryTM

Automatically adjusts your delivery settings based on how the ISPs are responding to you. 

When the ISPs push back on your email delivery, GreenArrow's Dynamic Delivery will automatically throttle down your sending rate, which, by being polite, can help improve your overall delivery.

Dynamic Delivery and Auto Throttling

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Reporting

Get more insight into your campaigns and deliverability, including the ability to drill down to ISP deferral and failure messages. 

Discover 51 data points, including: detailed bounce codes, spam complaint rates by domain, clicks/opens and more. Pair these reports with GreenArrow Monitor analytics to identify weaknesses or opportunities for improvement. 

Email is for humans, not monkeys.

We believe email is about people. People who connect with other people at businesses they love. These people become email subscribers, first-time buyers and loyal, repeat customers. Some of them may become a spam complainer or disinterested reader, but we believe even this inactivity is valuable feedback.

We also believe in great service. You'll find 'support' isn't just a noun at GreenArrow. It's more than a link to submit a ticket. It's a broad concept about our supportive nature and it's ingrained in our culture. It's how we answer the phone, offer follow-up questions and a fresh perspective. It's our eBooks, blog articles, consulting services and documentation designed to grow your business. 

Work with an email provider who connects you and your customers, like humans. Not like a number. Meet our team, schedule a live demo today. 

You have goals. We have a way to get you there. Request A Demo