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Give your email a competitive advantage

High Speed

  • 10,000,000 messages per hour or more
  • 8,000 concurrent outgoing connections or more

Advanced Email Routing Rules

  • Create advanced routing rules that allow email messages to be routed through multiple IP addresses
  • Route mail for different domains through different IPs
  • Split between multiple IP addresses. Multiple methods of randomization available: address consistent, message consistent, or totally random
  • Change routing rules for mail already in the queue
  • Aids in warming up IP addresses: You can send a small amount of mail from a new IP address and slowly increase the volume as you build reputation with ISPs

Multiple Message Submission Methods

  • SMTP (with IP or SMTP-AUTH based authorization)
  • QMQP (Q-Mail Queueing Protocol)
  • PHP mail function on Linux
  • By running the Sendmail or Qmail-inject programs (on Linux)

Advanced Reporting

  • Each email message is assigned to a different send. This can be done automatically or based on a header that you provide. Reporting is provided for each send
  • Reported for each send:
    • Number of messages
    • Number of successful and failed deliveries
    • Number of messages still in queue
    • Complaint ratio for each domain
    • Bounce statistics
      • Number of bounce messages for each reason code
      • Number of hard, soft, and other bounces
      • Number of addresses that were detected to be bad
      • Domains producing the most bounces
    • Click and open statistics
    • Which URLs are clicked on the most
    • Deliverability statistics, available when you have Monitor:
      • Which ISPs delivered mail to the Inbox or Bulk folder
      • Weighted deliverability averages based on the number of messages actually sent to each ISP
    • SMTP server statistics:
      • Number of success, failures, and deferrals from each ISP
      • Drill down to see failure and deferral messages from the ISP
    • Statistics on if the throttle configuration was slowing down the email sending for each domain. This lets you see where the throttle is being active

Email Authentication

  • SPF
  • SenderID
  • DomainKeys
  • DKIM

Throttle Limits

  • Limit number of concurrent connections from a single IP to an ISP
  • Limit rate of connection attempts (messages/hour) from single IP to an ISP
  • Override rules on a per-IP address and per-ISP basis
  • Group different domain names together in a single rule and limit

IP Address Multi-Hosting

  • Segment email through different IP addresses on a single server
  • Individually assign each email message to a different IP address

Bounce Processing

  • Automatically parses incoming bounce messages to assign one of 19 different meaning codes
  • Performs repeat counting of incoming bounce messages:
    • Multiple hard bounces or soft bounces must be received before the address will be removed from your list
    • This is helpful because sometimes ISPs send accidental hard bounce codes and soft bounce codes do not indicate a bad address, but if they persist over time then the address is bad
    • User-configurable bounce counting requirements
    • Intelligent counting: takes into account the number of email messages sent, so an address is only removed if the address is consistently failing
  • Tracks bounce information for each mailing list individually
  • Triggers an SQL statement or an HTTP request when an address needs to be removed from your list. This triggered action allows you to deactivate the address in your application

Feedback Loop Processing

  • Automatically parses incoming feedback loop notifications from the ISPs and determines the source address and email campaign that generated the complaint
  • Triggers an SQL statement or an HTTP request when an address needs to be removed from your list. This triggered action allows you to deactivate the address in your application

Transparent Click & Open Tracking

  • Emails can be transparently modified to include click and open clicking links. This allows your existing email sending application to get click and open data with no additional work. Includes support for transactional email
  • A unique identifier generated by your application can be attached to each message and included with the click and open tracking data. This allows you to correlate clicks and opens back to actual recipients or data in your application

GreenArrow Monitor Integration

Automatically includes seed messages to the seed accounts that sample the deliverability. Evenly spreads the seed messages over the course of your email send

Incoming Email

  • Receives email for domains configured on the server
  • Can deliver mail to POP3 mailboxes or forward to other addresses

Easy Integration System

Instead of having to modify your outgoing messages to comply with GreenArrow’s requirements for submitting email to activate advanced features, you can use the easy integration system. Just add a single header indicating the class of email and all required customizations will be automatically made to messages. Configuration for how this class is handled can be set through the GreenArrow web interface

Operating Platforms

  • Linux
  • Windows (inside a Linux Virtual Machine)
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