What is Opt-In vs. Confirmed vs. Double Opt-In?

And why is it important to me?

Single Opt-In (SOI): the subscriber provides an address to the sender, and the sender begins sending to that address. No check is performed to verify that the address given belongs to the subscriber (or that there was no misspelling or hostile motive in the sign-up).

Confirmed Opt-In (COI) or Double Opt-In (DOI): the subscriber provides an address to the sender; the sender sends an email to the address provided, with a link or other mechanism for the subscriber to demonstrate that they have access to the account and approve of the subscription. If the response is not received, the address is not mailed to.

Please note:

  • Some persons using the term “COI” mean that a “confirmation” email (“Thanks for subscribing!”) is sent to the address provided, but no actual confirmation of the sign-up’s validity is performed.
  • Some object to the use of “Double Opt-In” as a term for confirmed opt-in as it implies a useless duplication of effort.

What if my readers won’t opt-in?

Some marketers are concerned their subscribers won’t opt-in to receive their emails. And we get it. This is a valid concern. Instead consider this — if they’re unwilling to opt-in to receive email, how can you be sure they’ll read, share or buy from your email? Opt-in provides an opportunity to build a more responsive and engaged list.

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