[Video] What High Voltage Wires and Email Servers Have in Common

In today’s team meeting, our CEO, David Harris, offered a comparison between the kind of maintenance we often perform on live email servers and something far more dangerous (and cooler). 

At GreenArrow, we believe email is like the dial tone of the Internet age. Email is always on. It has to be because so many people (and businesses) need email to perform their work and live their lives, just like electricity.

So when we saw the guys in this video doing maintenance on live electric wires, we couldn’t help but think of email. Our team often makes upgrades or performs server maintenance without bringing essential services down. Like these guys, we work with live wires, too (figuratively speaking). No, we don’t wear special metal suits or ride helicopters, and we do sometimes schedule downtime. However, our array of digital tools and years of experience allow for smooth, spark-free updates to the software. And you have to admit; it’s still kind of cool.

A big thank you to our team for all you do to improve our clients’ service—without disturbing their workflow. As you dangle on the proverbial wire, we want you to know that you’re awesome.

And to all of our customers: we think you’re awesome too. Have a great weekend and happy sending!


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