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Matt Rideout

Matt Rideout

Matt keeps our email servers running, pitches in with support, writes documentation, tests new features, and helps out with development. In short, he does it all.

More About Matt

Matt discovered Linux and web development during his junior year of high school. Soon, he realized getting paid to work on servers was far more interesting than mowing lawns, and launched an IT consultancy. After graduating from the University of South Florida, he took on a new customer - DRH Internet Inc. DRH was growing fast, and one of Matt's favorite customers, so when the offer to come on board full-time, he jumped at the opportunity.

Matt arguably has one of the coolest jobs here. Not only is he involved in a wide vareity of departments, he also gets to be the guy to purchase servers and put them through their paces (i.e. beat them up) until they perform to the level of quality needed for high-volume, high-speed email sending.

In his spare time, you can find Matt hanging out with his wife Paige, powerlifting, hiking, reading, or running DNS Check - a business he accidentally started while learning Ruby on Rails. Does this guy sleep?


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