Cloud or On-Premise: Which is Right for Your Email?

You say “Tomato,” I say “Cloud Management”

Cloud Computing. I remember hearing this term everywhere in 2008 when I was racking and deploying dozens of servers in my datacenter job. One day I was “setting up racks of servers,” and the next, I was “building a cloud,” according to my product manager. Did we suddenly have the powers of Zeus? Would my day-to-day radically change? Um, no, and not so much. Did I add, “Managing the Cloud” to my resume? Heck, yes.

It’s been seven years since I racked my last server, and now I help customers get launched in our own (wait for it), GreenArrow Cloud. These cloud-type buzzwords that were initially empty and meaningless to me now fill my every day. However, here at GreenArrow, we also provide an On-Premise solution. This leads to the number one question we get asked (“What’s the difference?”) and then the number one follow-up question (“Which one is right for my email?”) If you’re wondering too, then read on! I’ll make it short and sweet.

One thing you should keep in mind: our email software is identical no matter where it’s installed. So whether you prefer On-Premise or Cloud, you’ll have access to every feature GreenArrow has to offer.

On-Premise Benefits

Like most software, before there was GreenArrow Cloud, the only option was GreenArrow On-Premise. In those early days, our software was installed by a system administrator downloading the source code and compiling it separately on each system (yikes!). This took hours to do, and didn’t even include time for any spiffy configurations! These days it is much easier to install, but even though we aren’t compiling it for every customer, it is still complex software that runs on a server and network that needs to be managed.

Is On-Premise right for you? Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Access to a deeper level of customization, like using your own domain on your IP addresses, and command-line configurations and robust reporting. However, the setup and launch are more complex (so it often takes longer before you can start sending.)
  • Two pricing options to fit your business
  • You choose the exact hosting provider and hardware you use. (Note that GreenArrow’s On-Premise license pricing does not include your server/hosting and management costs.)
  • You have to implement your own security based on your own standards.
  • You’ll use your own IP addresses, so all of the emails you send build your reputation, and your only sending restrictions come from your hosting provider’s AUP.
  • Cost savings can be realized if you:

While an On-Premise solution gives you more control and tighter integration with your infrastructure, it does take some technical resources of your own to manage it. If you have these technical resources and need this level of control or integration, then On-premise may be the way to go.

Cloud-Hosted Benefits

GreenArrow has come a long way in making deployments much faster and more efficient. But for some who wanted to use GreenArrow, there were still some significant hurdles in the On-Premise setup process to overcome (like domain management, DNS, IPs, and email authentication).

GreenArrow Cloud was created to almost completely eliminate the technical barriers to using the GreenArrow software. Our cloud solution gives customers of almost any size access to fast hardware that is optimized for GreenArrow and managed by highly trained professionals in the email industry. While you do have the option to add your own cloud domain, that step is completely optional. So as soon as you receive your credentials to your GreenArrow Cloud license, you’ll be up, running, and ready to send on day one, using a solution that works right out of the box! (Spoiler: there’s no box.)

Is our Cloud solution the way to go? It is if you are looking for:

  • Fast and easy deployment with minimal technical experience required
  • Access to top-tier server hardware without any Operating System, hardware, or networking management responsibility
  • 24×7 monitoring (sleep soundly, we’ll wake up GreenArrow’s system administrators, not you!)
  • Built-in nightly backups
  • Fixed cost based on your volume and access to immediate volume increases as your business grows
  • Access to our shared pool of IPs (and deliverability management if you qualify for dedicated IPs)

With our Cloud solution, everything is managed all in one place. If an issue ever arises, you have one place to look for the solution, and when your business grows, you’re just one call away from the upgrade.

As part of the proactive management of our network, we do have some requirements for our Cloud customers. You’ll fill out a short application and have a chat with our deliverability team to talk through the details of your business and sending practices. It’s a small but worthwhile time investment for everyone —your team and ours. It keeps a strong reputation for our cloud environment as a whole, which all of our cloud customers appreciate.

Ok, but which one should I choose!?

At this point, you may already know which option is right for you. (In that case, why are you still reading? Let us know what you need, and we’ll get started!) But if you’re still on the fence, I saved two tidbits of information to help you along.

Maybe you’re leaning toward the GreenArrow On-Premise solution, but you’re unsure about doing all of the management on your own. You’re not alone. We offer a Server Management & Backups service. This option makes an On-Premise solution accessible to almost anyone. It takes your installation and brings in our team of system administrators to manage things like nightly backups, 24×7 monitoring, a monthly operational review, and interacting with your hosting provider on your behalf for things your GreenArrow software needs.

Still not sure? Give us a holler.

I know it’s a cliche, and I’m sorry in advance, but we really do want to help you find the solution that’s right for you. When it’s a good fit for you, it’s a good fit for us. When you’re profitable, we’re profitable. (We think win-win around here!) And figuring out where to deploy your new software is only one of the details that we can help you with.

Have questions for me? Did I leave anything out? Contact us to talk about your business. Until then, cheers and happy sending!


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