GreenArrow Email Software Documentation

Getting Started

Welcome to GreenArrow! This section contains information that’s useful during the initial setup process.

A member of our systems administration team will get in touch with you after you’ve placed your order and guide you through the setup process. Feel free to respond to that person or contact GreenArrow technical support if you have any questions.

If you’re completely new to GreenArrow, then our training webinar is a good starting point:

The GreenArrow Concepts page provides a summary of key GreenArrow concepts and terminology.

If you’re a Cloud customer, then we handle most of the technical details for you, so the rest of the pages linked to below probably aren’t applicable to you, unless you’re curious.

On-Premise customers may find the following documents useful. Cloud customers can safely skip them since they cover details that we take care of for them:

We normally install and configure GreenArrow for each of our customers, but if you prefer to handle this on your end, then check out our Installation Guide.

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