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Adding A New Whitelabeled Cloud Domain

Cloud Customers Only

While some steps in this document do overlap with on-premise licenses, this is applicable only to GreenArrow Cloud Customers. If you are not a Cloud Customer, please reference our New Domain Setup documentation.

What is Whitelabeled Domain?

A whitelabel domain is any domain used in the from address of your emails or campaigns. You may also know this domain as the from address domain or sending domain.

This is the domain that will appear after the @ (at) sign in your messages’ from email address. For instance, if you are sending emails from [email protected], the whitelabeled domain is

Any domain can be used as a whitelabeled domain with your GreenArrow account as long as you configure the domain as is described in this document.

What is a Tracking Domain?

Tracking Domains are used by GreenArrow to tracks bounces, spam complaints, clicks, opens, and unsubscribes for emails sent from your Cloud account.

Every Cloud account must have at least one tracking domain. Tracking domains must be subdomains and they are dedicated to GreenArrow.

A subdomain of the from address domain can be used as a tracking domain. Common subdomains used for tracking domains are:

  • click
  • e
  • email
  • tracking

Setting up a Whitelabeled Domain and Tracking Domain

(1) Choose the whitelabel domain or domains

(2) Add a DKIM key to GreenArrow and publish the corresponding DNS record. Repeat the following steps for each Whitelabeled domain, or skip to Step (3) if you need help setting these up:

  1. In Engine, click on DKIM Keys under the Configure menu
  2. In the bottom right corner of the DKIM Keys configuration, click Add DKIM Key.
  3. Enter your details:
    1. Domain: Type in the whitelabeled domain. For example
    2. Selector: type a selector that is not in use with this domain. Check the domain’s DNS records for DKIM keys
    3. Default for domain: Yes, if no default key already exists for this domain
    4. Generate a new private key: leave checked
    5. Key Bits: 1024 bits (recommended)
  4. Click Save to generate the key
  5. On the next page after saving, scroll down to DNS Record for Public Key. Use the data in those fields to create the DNS record by copying the Name and Value from GreenArrow into your domain’s zonefile.

(3) Choose the tracking domain or domains that you are going to use with GreenArrow, and submit a ticket to the technical support team listing the tracking domains and whitelabeled domains to setup.

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