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Server Management

If your GreenArrow server is hosted by GreenArrow, then server management including both daily, and monthly backups is already included in what you’ve purchased. This page describes a server management package that we offer to non-hosted customers.

For $350/month per license, GreenArrow can provide the following services which are not normally included in our support:

  1. System administration of the server and operating system for the purpose of running the GreenArrow software.
  2. Interaction with the hosting provider about system administration details.
  3. A monthly operational review of the software and operating system, including:
    1. CPU usage
    2. Bandwidth usage
    3. Disk space usage
    4. Memory utilization
    5. Number of processes
    6. Disk IO utilization
    7. Backups
  4. Automated 24/7 server monitoring. If our monitoring system detects that a managed server is offline, it will page GreenArrow’s on-call technician. (Administrative rights and notifications about scheduled maintenance are required for monitoring.)
  5. Nightly Managed Backups with up to 200GB of backup space. (See our Managed Backup service documentation for the full details about what is included with the backup service and the pricing for restores).
  6. Integration with our system management server
  7. Automatic monthly updates to your OS and GreenArrow software

In order to be eligible for our server management package, you must:

  1. Provide full administrative login credentials to GreenArrow to your server.
  2. Have your server hosted at a GreenArrow approved hosting vendor.
  3. Provide a server that is running the latest version of CentOS that GreenArrow supports.
  4. Provide full administrative rights on this server with your hosting vendor and notifications about scheduled maintenance from the hosting vendor. (This is required for 24 hour monitoring.)
  5. Only use the server for running GreenArrow software. Control panels like cPanel and Plesk count as “other” software running on the server, and would need to be removed to be eligible for server management.
  6. Receive approval from GreenArrow.

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