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Email Delivery Software, GreenArrow Announces Product Suite

Jul 27, 2011 2:13:02 PM

Complete Email Software with Honest Pricing, Propels GreenArrow Ahead, Way Ahead

SCHNEIDER, IN--(Marketwire - July 27, 2011) - Searching for a way to effectively get a message heard? Have a sizable, permission-based list of recipients that need to hear it? GreenArrow is the complete email delivery solution!

GreenArrow, by DRH Internet, offers the most complete suite of products for effective email delivery to large email lists. They offer four distinct products to maximize the delivery of transactional and marketing emails.

  1. GreenArrow Engine - proprietary high speed email delivery engine.
  2. GreenArrow Studio - proprietary email list and campaign manager.
  3. GreenArrow Monitoring - seed list based email delivery monitoring tool.
  4. GreenArrow Consulting - consulting and hands-on management to fix deliverability problems.

GreenArrow was started over 10 years ago by email delivery expert and current CEO, David Harris. "We started running our own email server and hosting email accounts in 1999. In 2003 we began general consulting for open source email servers. Our focus was on email hosting systems for ISPs and businesses, but every few months someone would call searching for the solution to an outgoing email server that was blocked or overloaded. This inspired us to build a high-speed email server with monitoring and consulting tools for high volume email sending.", stated Harris.

Not all email delivery software is created equal. A study by Return Path indicated that on average 20% of permission-based email delivery doesn't reach inboxes. GreenArrow's email sending software sends up to one million messages an hour from a single server, provides various tracking tools, features powerful and detailed reporting, automatically handles updates in client preferences, and easily integrates into any existing system.

Any business engaged in sending sizable amounts of transactional or marketing emails should contact GreenArrow. Their product line is superior and is offered at a price point that eliminates the competition.

"GreenArrow is the best email delivery solution on the market. We challenge any business to try a free online demonstration so they will easily understand why we are superior when compared to other providers of email delivery software like StrongMail or Port25.", added Harris.

Whether it's an important revenue generating promotion, a cutting-edge marketing campaign, or simply a weekly newsletter, GreenArrow's email delivery software has all the tools necessary to maximize the success of any email campaign. GreenArrow's product line removes the uncertainty that other bulk email software providers can't.

About DRH Internet
DRH Internet is the provider of the GreenArrow suite of email delivery software, monitoring, and consulting designed to maximize the success of high volume email sending of transactional and marketing messages. GreenArrow is a robust and complete email delivery solution that is affordable, easy to use, and backed by personalized and expert customer support. Visit www.drh.net or call 1-866-374-4678 for more information.

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