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Email Software and Service by GreenArrow Leads to Client Growth

Sep 7, 2011 2:07:43 PM

GreenArrow's Complete Email Delivery Software and Service Propel Client Growth Once Again!

SCHNEIDER, IN--(Marketwire - September 07, 2011) - If a company's client email list is growing that's good, because so should profits. And if that company needs email delivery software and/or deliverability consulting, GreenArrow is who to seek for affordable and effective high volume email sending. The word is out -- GreenArrow's email delivery services are revolutionizing the world of email client services, at an affordable price for any growing business.

DRH Internet, creator of GreenArrow Engine, is proud to announce that its email sending software has been the nexus to a 50% increase in its client base in the past year. The combination of their excellent customer support and effective email delivery services has GreenArrow again on target for at least another 50% increase in clients this year.

GreenArrow has focused its business objectives on helping small to mid-size companies compete with much larger rivals by offering its high volume email sending software along with unmatched support and service. Not only does GreenArrow offer an affordable alternative to the same old players -- it does it for less while not sacrificing the targeted and focused features every business needs.

Face it, every company needs fast, reliable, and cost conscious email delivery software to grow. GreenArrow delivers with its newest, most powerful version of their email software to date, with more features being added constantly. Companies sending over 350,000 emails per month are beginning to recognize the power of GreenArrow's expertise and dedicated servers for their email delivery. By relying on DRH's eight years of email delivery experience and their acclaimed customer support and service, smaller companies are now able to level the playing field of Internet and email communication. All this while maintaining the feeling of personal service provided by GreenArrow.

GreenArrow has been providing dedicated email servers, software and services for over six years focusing solely on increasing their clients' growth through targeted high volume email sending paired with detailed deliverability reports. From the very first email campaign sent out, GreenArrow will demonstrate the power of their email delivery software, service, and consulting; it can take any online effort to the next level.

About DRH Internet
DRH Internet is the provider of the GreenArrow suite of email delivery software, monitoring, and consulting designed to maximize the success of high volume email sending of transactional and marketing messages. GreenArrow is a robust and complete email delivery solution that is affordable, easy to use, and backed by personalized and expert customer support. Visit www.drh.net or call 1-866-374-4678 for more information.

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