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High Volume Email by GreenArrow - Just In Time for the Holidays

Nov 22, 2011 12:52:26 PM

GreenArrow by DRH Internet Helps Companies Get Their Message Heard This Holiday Season

SCHNEIDER, IN--(Marketwire - November 22, 2011) - The holiday season is upon us and companies need a quick and accurate means to market their products and services to their massive email lists. Many companies use third parties to send off these marketing emails or use inadequate solutions that fail to deliver the messages in the proper time frame. Now with the email delivery solutions by GreenArrow, quality and effective high volume email sending is made possible at an affordable price.

GreenArrow is a high volume email sending software provider based out of Schneider, Indiana. Started by well-known email expert David Harris, GreenArrow competes to other expensive solutions like StrongMail, Port25, and Smtp.com. "I started as an email consultant in 2003 and my clients would call asking for a solution to an outgoing email server that was blocked or overloaded. This inspired me to build a high-speed and high volume email sending solution," stated David Harris, CEO of GreenArrow. "Today, GreenArrow has become a robust email sending platform that is desired by many small and large companies due to our software flexibilities, superior customer service and email acumen, and affordable pricing," added Harris.

Over the last few years, GreenArrow has quickly gained in popularity. Their clients praise their excellence and superiority in the market. "Spikemail chose GreenArrow over a number of competitors to partner with for our email delivery platform. GreenArrow is by far the best technical department to support the email campaigns for our clients. Their ability to interface with ISPs across the globe and provide outstanding customer service is second to none." stated Glenn Edley, President of Spikemail.

GreenArrow wants small and large companies to know there exists a better solution in the market to properly and confidently send marketing messages to large email lists. The holiday season is an important time to significantly drive more sales into any business via proper and effective email marketing. Companies with massive email lists need to be able to send out their marketing message quickly and not over weeks and months like many other solutions. GreenArrow's email sending software can send more than a million messages per hour from a single server.

GreenArrow is battle-tested email delivery software, monitoring, and consulting designed to maximize email sending success.

About DRH Internet
DRH Internet is the provider of the GreenArrow suite of email delivery software, monitoring, and consulting designed to maximize the success of high volume email sending of transactional and marketing messages. GreenArrow is a robust and complete email delivery solution that is affordable, easy to use, and backed by personalized and expert customer support. Visit www.drh.net or call 1-866-374-4678 for more information.

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