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Bounces and Spam Complaints

GreenArrow processes bounces that are delivered to bounce mailboxes and spam complaints that are delivered to spam complaint mailboxes. It uses the information extracted from these bounces and spam complaints to deactivate subscribers, update statistics and optionally create new Event Notification System events.

If an error is encountered while processing a bounce or spam complaint, the message gets written to one of the following directories:

  • /var/hvmail/maildata/Maildir-bounce/.INBOX.CouldNotProcess/new
  • /var/hvmail/maildata/Maildir-feedback/.INBOX.CouldNotProcess/new

See the write_could_not_process_bounce_messages directive to disable this behavior.

Messages written to these directories are automatically deleted after they are 30 days old, or the directory that they’re written to has exceeded 200MB in size - whichever comes first.

See the following child pages for details on how the bounce and spam complaint processors work:

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