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greenarrow Command


The command greenarrow is a central command for accessing various command-line functionalities of GreenArrow. Our goal is for it to be the single way to interact with GreenArrow on the command-line, but we’re not quite there yet.

This page describes some of the functions that the greenarrow command provides.

General Info

The command greenarrow info will print some key information about your installation of GreenArrow.

$ greenarrow info
GreenArrow Version:                      v4.282.0 (2023-04-27)
Persistence Mode:                        Traditional
License Key:                             (not shown)
License Key: Status:                     current
License Key: Expiration:                 None; Perpetual License
License Key: Updates Expiration:         2024-06-01; only licensed to run versions of GreenArrow released on or before this date

This command provides a --json option to get this information as a JSON document.

$ greenarrow info --json
    "version": "v4.282.0",
    "version_date": "2023-04-27",
    "persistence_mode": "Traditional",
    "persistence_path": "",
    "license_key": "(not shown)",
    "license_key_expiration_date": "",
    "license_key_updates_expiration_date": "2024-06-01",
    "license_key_status": "current"

On a real system, the license key will be shown in the above commands. We’ve simply hidden it here.

Disk Usage

See this page for documentation on the greenarrow disk_usage command.

Disk Queue Messages

See this page for documentation on the greenarrow report print_disk_queue command.

Disk Queue Summary

The command greenarrow report disk_queue_summary prints to the terminal the same information as provided by the Disk Queue Summary API.

$ greenarrow report disk_queue_summary --help
greenarrow: Usage:
  greenarrow report disk_queue_summary [OPTIONS]
Print a summary of the contents of the disk queue.
Application Options:
      --json           print a JSON document containing this report
      --group-by=      group by: virtualmta_injected, virtualmta_most_recent (default: virtualmta_injected)
      --group-variant= group variant: none, recipient_domain, all_throttles, all_throttles_other, only_explicit_throttles, not_explicit_throttles (default: none)
      --sort-by=       sort by: num_messages_desc, num_messages_asc, avg_age_desc, avg_age_asc, max_age_desc, max_age_asc (default: num_messages_desc)
      --limit=         limit the number of entries returned (default: 100)
Help Options:
  -h, --help           Show this help message

See the Disk Queue Summary API for more detailed information on the available options and output format.

GreenArrow Update

The command greenarrow update executes the automatic updates to the current system after the GreenArrow packages have been upgraded.

This command does not upgrade those packages – it is instead responsible for running database migrations and other automatic update procedures after the packages have been upgraded.

In versions of GreenArrow prior to v4.304.0, hvmail_migrate migrate was the command to execute these procedures. While that command is still supported, greenarrow update is the preferred command.

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