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Managing GreenArrow Monitor SeedList

GreenArrow comes with the tool hvmail_monitor_seeds, available on the command line, that makes managing GreenArrow Monitor’s seed list easier.

Running the command without arguments will show the instructions:

# hvmail_monitor_seeds
  hvmail_monitor_seeds help [COMMAND]              # Describe available commands or one specific command
  hvmail_monitor_seeds remove_simplemh             # Remove the SimpleMH seedlist file
  hvmail_monitor_seeds remove_studio_all           # Remove the "GreenArrow Monitor" seedlist from all organizations in GreenArrow Studio
  hvmail_monitor_seeds set_auth USERNAME PASSWORD  # Set monitor username and password
  hvmail_monitor_seeds setup USERNAME PASSWORD     # Runs the set_auth, write_simplemh, and write_studio commands
  hvmail_monitor_seeds write_simplemh              # Write the SimpleMH seedlist file from GreenArrow Monitor
  hvmail_monitor_seeds write_studio                # Create or update the "GreenArrow Monitor" seedlist on the "System Organization" in GreenArrow Studio

Setting GreenArrow Monitor’s credentials

To configure GreenArrow Monitor’s credentials for GreenArrow Engine and Studio, run the command with your Monitor credentials:

hvmail_monitor_seeds set_auth USERNAME PASSWORD

Running the command with these arguments will configure Engine and Studio to use USERNAME and PASSWORD when connecting to Monitor. Engine and Studio use these credentials to integrate Monitor statistics directly into the Send or Campaign statistics page respectively.

Adding the Seed List to Engine

Engine can automatically seed Sends using Monitor’s seed list by enabling the mail class option Automatically Seed Mailings, or by using the SimpleMH headers X-GreenArrow-SeedDo and X-GreenArrow-SeedProgress.

To install Monitor’s seed list for automatic seeding, first set GreenArrow Monitor’s credentials and then run:

hvmail_monitor_seeds write_simplemh

Adding the Seed List to Studio

Studio can seed campaigns automatically. To add GreenArrow Monitor’s seed list to Studio’s System Organization, run the following command after setting up Monitor’s credentials:

hvmail_monitor_seeds write_studio

This will create a seed list named GreenArrow Monitor seed list in the System Organization.

One Step configuration

To setup Monitor credentials and add the seed list to both GreenArrow Engine and Studio, run:

hvmail_monitor_seeds setup USERNAME PASSWORD

This is the same as running the three commands:

hvmail_monitor_seeds set_auth USERNAME PASSWORD
hvmail_monitor_seeds write_studio
hvmail_monitor_seeds write_simplemh

Removing Seed lists

  • To remove Monitor’s seed list for Engine, run:

    hvmail_monitor_seeds remove_simplemh

  • To remove Monitor’s seed list for Studio, run:

    hvmail_monitor_seeds remove_studio_all

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