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Logging all SimpleMH Messages

Every message passing through the SimpleMH system can have basic information about the message logged.

Enable this by setting the /var/hvmail/control/opt.simplemh_message_log file to the value of 1. Disable by setting to a zero-length file or a value of 0.

When enabled, a row is inserted into the simplemh_message_log table for each message that is sent through the SimpleMH system. Messages sent by Raw Injection are excluded.

Column name Type Meaning
id bigint Primary key of log entry
time timestamp Time message was logged
mailclass varchar Mail Class used in SimpleMH
from_address varchar From email address
recipient varchar First recipient email address
recipients_additional varchar JSON array of second and following recipient email addresses. If there is only one recipient email address then this will be NULL.
subject_header varchar The raw contents of the Subject header. This may include newlines due to header folding. This may also include RFC 2047 encoded words which are used to represent non-ASCII character sets, so be prepared to decode this.
message_id varchar Message-ID of the message.
smtp_auth_username varchar Username used for SMTP-AUTH, if SMTP-AUTH was used

This table is to be used as a queue. GreenArrow will insert rows into this table but never delete any rows, so the user is responsible for reading data and then deleting the rows.

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