GreenArrow Email Software Documentation

Hard Coding IEM Bounce Address

GreenArrow Engine’s bounce processor is able to replace the bounce processor that’s bundled with Interspire Email Marketer (IEM). One of the steps that’s needed to do this is to set the List Bounce Email field’s value. This can be done either for each mailing list, as described on the IEM Patch Usage Instructions page or installation wide, as described on this page.

Patch Installation

In order to hard code the bounce address for an entire IEM installation, you’ll first need to install a patch.

  1. Download the patch from here, and save it to the same directory that IEM is installed in. For example, /var/hvmail/apache/htdocs/iem.

  2. Verify that the patch will apply cleanly:

    patch -p0 --dry-run < iem-default-bounce-email-v1.patch

  3. If the previous command did not return any error, apply the patch:

    patch -p0 < iem-default-bounce-email-v1.patch

  4. If you need to reverse the patch for any reason, run:

    patch -p0 -R < iem-default-bounce-email-v1.patch

  5. Alternatively, the patch can be reversed by restoring a backup of the following file that was taken prior to the patch being applied:


Bounce Address Configuration

  1. Log into your IEM installation’s web interface.

  2. Navigate to Settings => Bounce Settings.

  3. Check the Yes, set default bounce details box.

  4. Enter the default bounce address, such as See the IEM Patch Usage Instructions page if you’re uncertain about what this value should be.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Click Settings => Cron Settings.

  7. Set the Bounce Processing job’s Run Every value equal to Disable, and click Save.

  8. At this point any newly created mailing lists will use the correct default bounce address. Any mailing lists that were already created will need to have the correct bounce address set manually.

  9. You can optionally run the following SQL query to set all IEM mailing lists to use the new default value. If you’re not comfortable with running SQL queries, then the same thing can be accomplished by updating each existing mailing list within IEM’s web interface. Update the query below to use the correct bounce address before running it:

    UPDATE email_lists SET bounceemail = '';

Hiding Bounce Address Settings from IEM Users

You have the option of hiding the bounce address settings from IEM users. This can be useful if you’re concerned that users might set the wrong value for this field. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Group that you wish to restrict by navigating to Users & Groups => View User Groups

  2. Click Edit next to the group that you wish to update.

  3. In the Group Permissions field, scroll down to the List Permissions heading, and uncheck Process Bounced Emails, and Edit Bounce Information.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Repeat the above steps for any other groups that you wish to update.

  6. Verify that all users who you want to hide bounce address settings from are assigned to a group with this restriction in place.

Reversing the Patch

If you need to reverse the patch for some reason, the files that are modified by it are listed below:


You can reverse the patch by either restoring the original copies of each of the above files, or by using a patch command, as shown below:

patch -R -p0 < iem-default-bounce-email-v1.patch