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User Management


Users are a set of permissions. These permissions can be managed via either the UI and API (by default) or within the greenarrow.conf configuration file (by enabling define_engine_users_in_config_file).

Each user has the following attributes:

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Two-factor authentication
  • User is disabled or not (prevents all access when disabled)
  • Message injection can be forced to use a specific SimpleMH mail class
  • Permission for Message Injection
  • Permission for UI Access
  • Permission for API Access

Message Injection

Users can be assigned permission to message injection in the following ways:

  • No message injection
  • HTTP-only message injection
  • SMTP-only message injection
  • Both HTTP and SMTP message injection

If an Incoming Email Domain user mailbox and an Engine User have the same email address, the Engine User will take precedence over the user mailbox. This means that if the Engine User is disabled or has no permission to message injection, the authorization will be rejected when message injection is attempted.

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