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Spam Complaint Processor


GreenArrow Engine’s Spam Complaint Processor processes Abuse Reporting Format (ARF) messages (also called spam complaints) that are received at Spam Complaint Mailboxes. The spam complaints are parsed to extract information about the message being complained about. Processed spam complaints trigger an scomp event. A feedback loop registration is needed to receive spam complaints.

Proper spam complaint processing is essential for deliverability, as a sender can be blocked for sends with too high of a spam complaint percentage. We recommend treating spam complaints as unsubscribe requests.

Raw Injection Requirements

If you are using Raw Injection, you must properly set the X-Mailer-Info header in the messages that you send. The X-Mailer-Info header encodes information about the send and recipient.

SimpleMH Requirements

You dot not need to set the X-Mailer-Info header for SimpleMH. SimpleMH will automatically set this header for you, based on the configuration of the Mail Class.

Viewing Data

You can view statistical information about bounces by looking at a Send’s Statistics in GreenArrow Engine’s web interface. For a particular send, click the Overview tab to view these stats. The Spam Complaints section will automatically expand to include any domains that spam complaints were received from.


Use the following steps to perform an end-to-end test of the Spam Complaint Processor:

  1. Send a test message to yourself from GreenArrow either via SimpleMH or a campaign in GreenArrow Studio.
  2. Verify that the test you received contains an X-Mailer-Info header. This can be found in the header portion of the email.
  3. Forward the message with the X-Mailer-Info header intact to one of GreenArrow Engine’s Spam Complaint Mailboxes. (Be sure to forward this message as a Plain Text email to make sure the header is not modified.)
  4. Wait a minute or two to allow the complaint to be processed, and then check the campaign stats to make sure the complaint showed up.

If this email originated in GreenArrow Studio then this testing should result in the status change for your test address. If you are using GreenArrow’s Event Notification System then you would also receive an accompanying Spam Complaint Event.

Service and Logfile

Spam complaints and bounces are processed and logged by the same service. See the Bounce Processor Page’s Service and Logfile section for details.

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