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Revoking and Deleting a DKIM Key

This page describes how to revoke and delete a DKIM key that’s no longer in use. If you found this page because you were searching for information on how to replace a DKIM key, then you should review the Replacing DKIM Keys page before proceeding.

If your DKIM keys were created in GreenArrow’s web interface (most are), then they will also need to be deleted in the web interface:

  1. Login to GreenArrow Engine’s web interface.
  2. Navigate to Configure => DKIM Keys:
  3. Locate the DKIM key that you wish to revoke, and click the View link:
  4. Delete the public key DNS record that is listed on the page. The screenshot’s public key will differ from the public key that corresponds to your DKIM key: engine-view-dkim-key.png
  5. Click on the Delete button that appears towards the bottom of the page:
  6. Click on the confirmation prompt’s Delete button: confirm-delete-dkim-key.png

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