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DKIM Signing for Other Domains and Selectors

Changing GreenArrow Engine’s Default Selector for a Domain

GreenArrow’s default selector is literally named default. You may overwrite this with another selector if you wish.

To change the default key for a domain, complete the following steps:

  1. Login to GreenArrow Engine’s web interface.
  2. Navigate to Configure => DKIM Keys:
  3. Locate the DKIM key that you wish to use by default for a domain, and click the Edit link:
  4. Check the Sign mail from this domain with this key by default checkbox, then click the Save button:

Using Raw Injection Headers to Overwrite DKIM Defaults

If you’re using the Raw Injection Method to inject messages into GreenArrow Engine, then you can use Raw Injection headers to overwrite GreenArrow Engine’s default behavior on a per-message basis.

Using SimpleMH to Overwrite DKIM Defaults

GreenArrow Engine can be configured to use a non-default selector on a per-Mail Class basis. GreenArrow technical support can configure this for you.

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