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Ongage Integration

GreenArrow Engine can be used to deliver email from your Ongage account.

To set up message delivery you will need to configure GreenArrow Engine and Ongage appropriately.

Integration Details

These instructions will help you configure GreenArrow Engine and Ongage to relay messages from Ongage through GreenArrow.

Bounces will be processed by GreenArrow Engine and also by Ongage. Since Ongage and GreenArrow use a different bounce processor, there may be difference in the bounce statistics between the two systems. Note that the subscriber/contact status will be updated based on Ongage’s bounce processor.

Which Events are Supported?

GreenArrow will forward bounces to Ongage.

GreenArrow may receive spam complaint notifications, but these won’t be delivered to Ongage. They will be recorded in GreenArrow Engine’s stats.

Suppressing Subscribers Reporting Spam

To avoid sending emails to subscribers that have reported spam enable SimpleMH Automatic Bad Address Suppression.

As an alternative, use the Event Notification System to collect spam complaint events and build a black list on GreenArrow Engine using the example blacklist in this page as a starting point.

If you want to update your contact/subscriber status on Ongage, you’ll need to record spam complaint events and then use the information to update the contacts on Ongage.

GreenArrow Engine Settings

These are the settings that need to be changed in GreenArrow Engine to use it from Ongage:

SMTP AUTH settings

Follow these instructions to create an SMTP AUTH user in GreenArrow Engine. The username and password created will be used as Private SMTP credentials in Ongage. For example:

  • SMTP host: your server name. If you are a Cloud customer this will look like
  • SMTP port: port 587
  • SMTP username: the username you created, it must include the domain. For example: [email protected]
  • SMTP password: the password assigned to the user

Mail Class Settings

The following settings must be applied to all Mail Classes that you plan to use with Ongage.

If you have other sources of email, use different Mail Classes for each mail source.

  1. Enable Pass Bounce Messages Through. This setting will send a copy of the bounce messages back to Ongage for bounce processing
  2. Disable Track Clicks and Opens. Ongage does its own click and open tracking.
  3. Disable Handle Unsubscribe Links. Ongage has its own unsubscribe links.

The Pass Bounce Message Through option listed above sends a copy of the bounces to the original return path, which means that GreenArrow will send bounces to the private bounce domain that you setup on Ongage.

If your system receives a high volume of bounces then you should add a throttling rule for the private bounce domain. High volume may be anything higher than 300 bounces per hour.

Other Settings

Ongage requires users to remove the IP addresses Ongage uses for injection from the email Received headers. GreenArrow Engine may show the IP address that was used for injection in two headers.

To disable these headers for the SMTP2 service edit the file /var/hvmail/control/smtp2 and add these lines:


Then restart the SMTP2 service:

svc -t /service/hvmail-qmail-smtpd2

For more details, or to disable the headers for other SMTP services check out these documents:

Optionally, configure the port 587 SMTP service to use SimpleMH and the default Mail Class when the X-GreenArrow-MailClass header (described below) is not present. You can do this by setting the SIMPLEMH line in /var/hvmail/control/smtp2 equal to 1:


Restart the SMTP2 service:

svc -tu /service/hvmail-qmail-smtpd2

For more information about these settings, see SMTP Services.

Cloud Customers

If you are a Cloud Customer, contact GreenArrow technical support if you’d like either or both of the above changes to be made.

Ongage Settings


The following instructions are based on information provided by Ongage support and may be outdated. If any of this information contradicts Ongage documentation, please follow their documentation or contact their technical support.

Use the following settings in Ongage:

  • Enable Private SMTP setup page - if this option is not available, contact Ongage support
  • Enter the Private SMTP Credentials (see SMTP AUTH settings above)
  • Create a Private SMTP bounce domain - follow Ongage instructions to setup and test the bounce domain
  • Configure Ongage to add the X-GreenArrow-MailClass header to messages sent to GreenArrow

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