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Pausing and Dumping Queues

Message deliveries can be paused or stopped for a send by doing the following:

  1. Log into GreenArrow Engine’s web interface.
  2. Click on the Statistics tab: statistics-tab.png
  3. Click the View Stats button next to a send that you wish to pause or dump: engine-send-view-stats.png
  4. Click the Controls tab: engine-send-stats-control-tab.png
  5. Click the Pause delivery of messages, or Dump messages from queue button, depending on which action you’d like to take. engine-send-pause-or-dump.png

Please note the following:

  1. Messages are grouped into sends in GreenArrow Engine’s web interface. Each send represents messages with the same SendID.
  2. If a message’s queue_lifetime expires while its send is paused, the message will be removed from the queue on its next scheduled delivery attempt. The default queue_lifetime with GreenArrow Engine is two days.
  3. When a send is paused or dumped, that action applies to all messages associated with the send. Both messages that are already in queue, and messages that are yet to be injected into Engine are impacted.
  4. Messages that are already in the mail queue when a send is dumped will be dumped the next time that a delivery attempt is scheduled to occur. This means that if you’re dumping a send to reclaim disk space, the disk space will be reclaimed gradually. Depending on the age of the send, it could take up to a few hours before the last message is dumped. You can accelerate this process by running the following command:

    svc -a /service/hvmail-disk-qmail-send

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